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We offer Hands on Hysteroscopy Training Course in Nairobi, Kenya. This workshop is a 2 days event scheduled for 20th 21st May 2022, and will be held at 3rd Park Hospital, 9th floor, Park Medical Centre on 3rd Parklands Avenue from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm on both days.

Studying hysteroscopy can provide many benefits to a medical student or doctor. Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that involves inserting a small camera called a hysteroscope through the vagina and cervix to view the inside of the uterus.

Benefit of learning Hysteroscopy:
Learning hysteroscopy can provide you with many benefits in your medical career, including more accurate diagnoses, less invasive surgical interventions, increased patient satisfaction, a competitive edge in the job market, and improved outcomes for your patients. Studying hysteroscopy provides these benefits to a medical student or doctor.

Below find the tentative program for the course

Day: 1 – 20th May 2022
Hysteroscopy – introduction and history
Principles of hysteroscopy
Stratification of hysteroscopic procedures
Preparation and setting up equipment and instruments for hysteroscopy (Demo)
Distension media and its delivery
Diagnostic – anatomy through a hysteroscope
Vaginoscopic entry – tips and tricks
Challenges in hysteroscopy
Dry lab practice

Day: 2
21st May 2022.
Live surgery
Office hysteroscopy
Energy in hysteroscopy (Basic)
Procedure pearls – polypectomy
Procedure pearls - biopsy, retrieval foreign body, retained POCs
Dry lab practice
Closing remarks/certificate issuance

We are pleased to hear that you are joining us for our Basic Hysteroscopy Workshop on the 20th and 21th of May 2022.

The workshop will include training on various skill stations and didactic lectures presented by the faculty.

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3rd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya
Mobile: 0707 333 111, 0795 351 540
Email: [email protected]

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