14 Oct, 2023 12:29 PM

3rd Park Hospital offers Kenyans the opportunity to take the step to get up to date on the latest developments in Minimally Invasive Surgery in Gynecology – by registering for medical specialization training in BASIC MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY COURSE in the field of gynecology, including laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and pelvic floor surgery.

The medical specialization training is moderately short and insufficient due to lack of time to delve into it. Because of this, many active specialist medical professionals and those in training are demanding more training in this area.

The 2 day training program scheduled for 4th and 5th January, 2022 – will certainly improve your knowledge, where you will find the best didactic material with real clinical cases. Learn here about the latest advances in the specialty to be able to perform a quality medical practice.

General Objectives
• Become familiar with all the instruments available for endoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery
• Learn how to prepare the operating room for endoscopy
• Learn about general aspects such as ergonomics in the laparoscopic operating room and electrosurgery for use in gynecological procedures
• Apply the different appropriate techniques in each specific clinical case
• Learn about female pelvic and abdominal anatomy in depth
• Learn to create a training model (pelvi-trainer) for the performance of laparoscopic suturing and other exercises leading to the acquisition of dissection and cutting skills
• Learn about hysteroscopic techniques and their application in uterine pathology
• Learn how to establish a series of alternatives for the management of benign breast pathology
• Become acquainted with the treatment of benign uterine pathology
• Learn techniques for the resolution of pelvic floor problems using laparoscopy
• Implement mini-invasive mesh placement
• Learn to endoscopically manage endometriosis
• Become familiar with the different advanced techniques in gynecologic oncology for minimally invasive treatment
• Learn how to use tools for solving complications in gynecologic endoscopy

Take the opportunity to update your knowledge of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Gynecology to improve patient care

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