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We are specialists in GYNAECOLOGY SERVICES and SURGERIES, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

DR YAMAL PATEL is a highly experienced and qualified gynaecologist specialist in diagnosing and treating disorders and diseases relating to the female reproductive system for women, including the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries cysts and cervix. We offer appropriate and comprehensive care and solutions to a range of gynecological problems and conditions; including fertility issues, menstrual disorders, pelvic floor prolapse , pelvic pain, sexually transmitted infections, uterine fibroids, cervical insufficiencies, gynaecolgical cancers, congenital abnormalities, and endometriosis

DR YAMAL’S CLINIC comprises a team of experienced gynaecologists, surgeons and nurses who understand that health and quality of life can't wait. They are persionate and commited to providing personalised treatment procedures through the latest state-of-the-art technology to guarantee optimal health results to our patients.

The range of gynaecological services offered at Dr Yamal Patel’s clinic includes preventive care, diagnostic tests, and treatment options for various women health issues, including routine gynaecological exams, treatment for gynaecological problems, family planning and menopause management

Dr Yamal’s Clinic offers DIAGNOSTIC TESTS – including Diagnostic Laparoscopy, Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Endometrial Sampling - since we understand that timely diagnosis of gynaecological issues is invaluable. We use these tests to evaluate the female reproductive system and detect various gynaecological conditions.

We offer GYNAECOLOGICAL SURGERIES, including minimally invasive open procedures and currently in the process of procuring robotic-assisted surgeries systems to treat various gynaecological conditions. We are specialists in gynaecological surgeries such as:
• Hysterectomy - the removal of the uterus
• Myomectomy - including laparoscopic myomectomy and hysteroscopic myomectomy
• Ovarian Cystectomy - including laparoscopic cystectomy
• Endometrial Ablation - including hysteroscopic endometrial ablation
• Exploratory Laparotomy - for diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological conditions, such as endometriosis, adhesions, ovarian cysts, and pelvic inflammatory disease
• Laparoscopic Ectopic - visualizing the ectopic pregnancy and operating on it
• Polypectomy - the removal of polyps, an abnormal growth of tissue
• Adenomyomectomy - the removal of adenomyosis
• Adhesiolysis - the removal or cutting of adhesions, which are bands of scar tissue that can develop between organs or tissues in the body
• Endometriosis - the excision of endometriosis nodules, ovarian cysts, nodules in the bladder or rectum
• Gynae Oncology – the surgery for cancer/malignancy related to the reproductive tract-vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries
• Hysteroscopy - surgery through visualization of the uterine cavity, from simple diagnostic procedures to complex metroplasty, asherman’s syncholysis, polypectomy, ablation, myomectomy and septum resection
• Laparoscopy In Pregnancy - surgery in pregnancy whenever feasible
• Pelvic Floor Surgeries – the fertility enhancing surgeries including tuboplasty, polypectomy, adhesiolysis and synecholysis

At Dr Yamal’s Clinic, you are sure to be handled by experienced and talented specialty doctors who are motivated to offer their best.

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