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Bashir & Associates Advocates - Real Estate & Conveyancing Lawyers in Nairobi

29 May, 2024 5:27 PM

As a leading Real Estate Counsel in Nairobi, Kenya; BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES have assisted both business and private clients through the complicated process of acquiring, developing, and disposing of commercial and residential property in Nairobi and across the country. Undoubtedly, the real estate sector has witnessed exponentially remarkable growth in Nairobi and other counties in Kenya.

Our real estate legal services are aimed at helping individuals and businesses, like yours, achieve peace of mind by providing legal support and guidance. With our real estate experience, you can focus on your goals and priorities, knowing that your legal needs are being taken care of.

Legal processes on Matters Real Estate and Conveyancing are normally complicated and intertwined, which is why we take the time to answer our clients’ questions and provide them with legal solutions tailored to their unique circumstances by offering unparalleled solutions, including:
• Acquisition of Undeveloped Land and Existing Development
• Financing, Mortgages, and Tax Issues
• Landlord/Tenant Relationships
• Syndication
• Commercial Leases
• Mortgage Errors
• Closing Document Review
• Full Service Buy/Sell Contracts
• Foreclosure Defense
• Misrepresentation Lawsuits
• Real Estate Probate
• Contracts with Architects, Designers, and Builders
• Franchising
• Leasing, Sale, and Purchase Agreements
• Title Insurance, Title Searching, and Quiet Title Actions
• Dispute Resolution
• Relationships with Local Officials and Agencies
• Zoning, Easements, and Environmental Concerns
• Condominium Conversion and Rehabilitation

"I feel so much better and relieved now!"… This is the most common statement we hear from clients who have hired us… since we are simply The Peace of Mind Lawyers in Kenya. We will help you understand your legal rights and obligations, navigate the complicated legal real estate and conveyancing laws, by identifying potential areas of conflict and develop an effective strategy to protect your home or business and your financial well-being.

Fortunately, BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES is at hand to provide tailor-made legal solutions by ensuring that all deeds and other instruments involved in the procurement, development or transfer of an interest in Real Property must conform to the laws of Kenya or to the law of the county and municipality where the instruments are to be executed.

Whether your need is Real Estate & Conveyancing, Banking Securities & Finance, Commercial Transactions, Company Secretarial Services, Family Law & Succession Matters, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation & Dispute Resolution Labour & Employment Law, we hope that you’ll find our background a valuable resource in whatever your legal needs may be.

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