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BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES is one of the most experienced and trusted law firms in Nairobi - specializing in Criminal Law, Conveyance, Law of Obligation, Human Rights Law, International and European Law, Migration Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Law, International Adoption Law, Family Law, Litigations In Environment Law, Business Finance, Migration Law, and General Litigations and Consultancy.

Our history in providing preeminent legal solutions has helped our clients to solve complex and crucial legal issues in different sectors of the economy involving commercial, corporate, civil, and business deals in Kenya. With vast professional experience, spanning many years, we are dedicated and highly skilled professionals responsible for developing and driving the vision of the law firm for excellence and client satisfaction through prompt and valuable solutions to client briefs and giving best legal advice as the solicitors in Kenya.

Why Choose Us as Your Preferred Solicitors
BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES is a top full-service corporate law firm with panache for excellence and a knack for delivering consistent results for our clients. With our practical approach and sound Legal advice, we have developed good relationships with industry leaders and achieved outstanding results for our clients. Our Law Firm has a team of leading lawyers with different strengths and backgrounds who often collaborate to work together to get, and more often than not, surpass the desired results.

Our Top-Notch Practice Areas Include:

Commercial and Corporate Law:
Our law firm advises private and public companies on all aspects of business, including statutory regulations, capital markets transactions, complex commercial disputes, private equity funds, financing, trade, energy, oil and gas, information technology, aviation, communication, contracts & drafting agreements, and other commercial transactions and arbitration through assisting clients with premium law services in Kenya.

General Civil Law:
We handle civil litigation trials from lowest courts, appellate to Supreme Court in Kenya in matters involving civil and general commercial cases. We also cover matters relating to Health Law.

Trade, Financial and Business Law:
We advise and represent companies or individuals on compliance and regulatory enforcement. We also protect and represent clients on intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyright, international trade secrets and exports generally.

Real Estate Law:
We have vast experience in land law and real estate law including mortgage, conveyance and complex transactions, construction projects law and joint ventures and property development.

We assist foreign investors in procuring expatriate quota, export license, and all due diligence with Kenyan immigration service, ministry of trade, Kenyan investment promotion agencies and other statutory bodies.

Family Law:
We assist in all family law matters including wills, divorce, letter of administration and probate matters.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):
We believe that as a commercial and civil law firm, employing alternative dispute resolution on commercial and civil matters saves time than resorting to arduous and long trials. We believe your time; greatest business interest and quick resolution of issues, is the highest client value that we can provide.

We are Experienced.
We are Available.
We are Reliable.
We deliver Top Notch Legal Services.

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Bashir & Associates Advocates - Real Estate & Conveyancing Lawyers in Nairobi

Real Estate & Conveyancing Lawyers in Nairobi

29 May, 2024 5:27 PM

As a leading Real Estate Counsel in Nairobi, Kenya; BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES have assisted both business and private clients through the complicated process of acquiring, developing, and disposing of commercial and residential property in Nairobi and across the country. Undoubtedly, the real estate sector has witnessed exponentially remarkable growth in Nairobi and other counties in Kenya.

Our real estate legal services are aimed at helping individuals and businesses, like yours, achieve peace of mind by providing legal support and guidance. With our real estate experience, you can focus on your goals and priorities, knowing that your legal needs are being taken care of.

Legal processes on Matters Real Estate and Conveyancing are normally complicated and intertwined, which is why we take the time to answer our clients’ questions and provide them with legal solutions tailored to their unique circumstances by offering unparalleled solutions, including:
• Acquisition of Undeveloped Land and Existing Development
• Financing, Mortgages, and Tax Issues
• Landlord/Tenant Relationships
• Syndication
• Commercial Leases
• Mortgage Errors
• Closing Document Review
• Full Service Buy/Sell Contracts
• Foreclosure Defense
• Misrepresentation Lawsuits
• Real Estate Probate
• Contracts with Architects, Designers, and Builders
• Franchising
• Leasing, Sale, and Purchase Agreements
• Title Insurance, Title Searching, and Quiet Title Actions
• Dispute Resolution
• Relationships with Local Officials and Agencies
• Zoning, Easements, and Environmental Concerns
• Condominium Conversion and Rehabilitation

"I feel so much better and relieved now!"… This is the most common statement we hear from clients who have hired us… since we are simply The Peace of Mind Lawyers in Kenya. We will help you understand your legal rights and obligations, navigate the complicated legal real estate and conveyancing laws, by identifying potential areas of conflict and develop an effective strategy to protect your home or business and your financial well-being.

Fortunately, BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES is at hand to provide tailor-made legal solutions by ensuring that all deeds and other instruments involved in the procurement, development or transfer of an interest in Real Property must conform to the laws of Kenya or to the law of the county and municipality where the instruments are to be executed.

Whether your need is Real Estate & Conveyancing, Banking Securities & Finance, Commercial Transactions, Company Secretarial Services, Family Law & Succession Matters, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation & Dispute Resolution Labour & Employment Law, we hope that you’ll find our background a valuable resource in whatever your legal needs may be.

Our Contacts
Transnational Plaza, 1st Floor, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi
Tel: 0722 653 953, 0724 617588
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Real Estate & Conveyancing Banking Securities & Finance Commercial Transactions Company Secretarial Services Family Law Succession Law Immigration Law Intellectual Property Law Litigation & Dispute Resolution Law Labour & Employment Law Bashir & Associates Advocates

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Bashir & Associates Advocates - FAMILY LAW SOLICITORS IN NAIROBI


08 Apr, 2024 5:22 PM

BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES FAMILY LAW PRACTICE touches on all aspects of KENYA FAMILY LAW, including Child Custody, Divorce, Alimony, Prenuptial Agreements, Child Support, Paternity, Legal Separation, Adoption, Property, Family Law, Visitation, Father’s Rights, Mother’s Rights, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Juvenile Law, Annulment, Guardianship, Parent Relocation, Rights, Trusts, Child Protection, Domestic Violence, Family Mediation, Marital Property, Child Abduction and Restraining Orders, and more… in both proactive and practical manner.

When the case requires it, BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES call upon a network of experts such as psychological evaluators, certified public accountants, forensic accountants, business appraisers, real estate appraisers, pension evaluators and analysts, auctioneers and private investigators, because our experienced legal team also includes a network of these professionals and experts.

Your divorce, custody, child support, and marital property cases will always be important to us a your family law attorney, but also understand that not every case can settle. When a case has to go to trial, and your future or that of your child is at stake, it is not enough to simply show up at trial and talk. This is GO TIME. It is about evidence, the law and the best interest of the basis of the case, for example a child. This boils down to TESTIMONY and PROOF. A piece of paper is meaningless to a court if it is not admissible according to the Rules of Evidence, no matter what is written on that paper. At the end of the day, it’s about doing your homework and being prepared. This is what we are best in.

When clients are willing, we suggest tools to “control the damage and get it done” such as mediation, and earnest negotiation in order to reach an amicable settlement out of court. Sometimes, parties agree upon some issues but reach an impasse on others. In such scenarios, we are willing to stipulate to agreed upon issues (let the court know you have an agreement on some issues) and, if necessary, have a trial on only the remaining issues.

As experienced family law attorneys, we understand that each case presents its own challenges. The business or professional practice owner going through divorce or dissolution needs an attorney who has experience with the complex considerations involved. The business owner facing the possibility of a dissolution of both their business and marriage needs sound advice to preserve assets, and quality financial experts to assist with valuation of the business, and prevent “double dipping’’.

Regardless of your income or asset situation, Bashir & Associates Advocates will strive to give you practical advice tailored to YOUR situation, and show you the best strategy to get you through the simplest and most successful process possible. We want to help you receive the best result possible whether it is through trial, mediation, or a negotiated settlement.

We also work with our clients to try to resolve their family matters rationally, reasonably and efficiently, when both parties chose the Win-Win path by trying an agreement out of court, but at the same time fully preparing for the possibility that an amicable resolution will not be reached and they may need to go to trial to receive the proper result under the law.

You are safe in our hands on matters FAMILY LAW. Get in touch with us today!

Our Contacts
Transnational Plaza, 1st Floor, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi
Tel: 0722 653 953, 0724 617588
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Family Lawyers in Nairobi divorce adoption trust administration administration of estate child custody legal separation annulment of marriage lawyers will drafting processing of Probate’s grant and Letter of Administration Juvenile Matters Family Law Solicitors

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Bashir & Associates Advocates - Human Rights & Criminal Defense Lawyers in Nairobi

Human Rights & Criminal Defense Lawyers in Nairobi

08 Apr, 2024 4:02 PM

BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES engages in HUMAN RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT and CRIMINAL DEFENSE in Nairobi, Kenya. Our firm maintains frontline human rights lawyers in Nairobi that represent clients in enforcement of fundamental rights through civil action.

Our team of criminal defense lawyers is highly respected for their Court room skills and advocacy. We have appeared in different courts on various criminal matters. Considering some daunting outcomes of criminal prosecution, which may instantly result into deprivation of liberty or facing heavy fines, it is important for anyone who has been criminally charged to seek a very effective legal help that such person can find, so there can be possibility for better outcome.

Our human rights and criminal defense services include:
• Instituting fundamental human rights enforcement action to compel the release of accused being unlawfully detained or harassed.
• Representing accused in criminal charges, especially on white collar crimes.
• Offering legal advisory on criminal matters
• Engaging in pro-bono to indigent accused in deserving circumstances
• Filing appeals in criminal matters
• Instituting criminal complaints on behalf of clients and cooperating with the law enforcement agencies in criminal matters.
• Filing bail applications on behalf of accused.

In deserving circumstances where citizen’s constitutional and fundamental rights are being or have been violated or trampled upon, we usually instantly institute fundamental rights applications in court. We have represented numerous clients in various human rights matters in law courts over the years. Our main call is to fight for justice and represent clients within the ambit of the law.

For Consultation:

Our Contacts
Transnational Plaza, 1st Floor, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi
Tel: 0722 653 953, 0724 617588
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Nairobi Human Rights Lawyers Fundamental Human Rights Enforcement White Collar Crimes Lawyers

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