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08 Apr, 2024 5:22 PM

BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES FAMILY LAW PRACTICE touches on all aspects of KENYA FAMILY LAW, including Child Custody, Divorce, Alimony, Prenuptial Agreements, Child Support, Paternity, Legal Separation, Adoption, Property, Family Law, Visitation, Father’s Rights, Mother’s Rights, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Juvenile Law, Annulment, Guardianship, Parent Relocation, Rights, Trusts, Child Protection, Domestic Violence, Family Mediation, Marital Property, Child Abduction and Restraining Orders, and more… in both proactive and practical manner.

When the case requires it, BASHIR & ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES call upon a network of experts such as psychological evaluators, certified public accountants, forensic accountants, business appraisers, real estate appraisers, pension evaluators and analysts, auctioneers and private investigators, because our experienced legal team also includes a network of these professionals and experts.

Your divorce, custody, child support, and marital property cases will always be important to us a your family law attorney, but also understand that not every case can settle. When a case has to go to trial, and your future or that of your child is at stake, it is not enough to simply show up at trial and talk. This is GO TIME. It is about evidence, the law and the best interest of the basis of the case, for example a child. This boils down to TESTIMONY and PROOF. A piece of paper is meaningless to a court if it is not admissible according to the Rules of Evidence, no matter what is written on that paper. At the end of the day, it’s about doing your homework and being prepared. This is what we are best in.

When clients are willing, we suggest tools to “control the damage and get it done” such as mediation, and earnest negotiation in order to reach an amicable settlement out of court. Sometimes, parties agree upon some issues but reach an impasse on others. In such scenarios, we are willing to stipulate to agreed upon issues (let the court know you have an agreement on some issues) and, if necessary, have a trial on only the remaining issues.

As experienced family law attorneys, we understand that each case presents its own challenges. The business or professional practice owner going through divorce or dissolution needs an attorney who has experience with the complex considerations involved. The business owner facing the possibility of a dissolution of both their business and marriage needs sound advice to preserve assets, and quality financial experts to assist with valuation of the business, and prevent “double dipping’’.

Regardless of your income or asset situation, Bashir & Associates Advocates will strive to give you practical advice tailored to YOUR situation, and show you the best strategy to get you through the simplest and most successful process possible. We want to help you receive the best result possible whether it is through trial, mediation, or a negotiated settlement.

We also work with our clients to try to resolve their family matters rationally, reasonably and efficiently, when both parties chose the Win-Win path by trying an agreement out of court, but at the same time fully preparing for the possibility that an amicable resolution will not be reached and they may need to go to trial to receive the proper result under the law.

You are safe in our hands on matters FAMILY LAW. Get in touch with us today!

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