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Dr. Onyango Oluoch - 0741 254745, is a leading UROLOGIST IN NAIROBI, KENYA - with extensive expertise and experience in the treatment of urological conditions including: Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Kidney Stones, Urethral Stricture, Erectile Dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence, Male Sexual Abnormalities and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI); in both men and women, among other solutions.

Dr Onyango Oluoch is a consultant with many years of experience and recognition in offering the best diagnosis and treatment for all aspects of Urological Problems. Our clinic boasts of state of the art operation and theatre facilities to enable us offer comprehensive range of treatment options for the management of urological conditions including prostate cancer, kidney stone removal, haematuria and incontinence in both men and women.

Dr Onyango Oluoch is committed to doing what is best for every patient, by always taking time to listen to their concerns and formulating a diagnostic and treatment plan to fit each unique need.

Dr Onyango Oluoch Specializes in:
• All kinds of Kidney, Prostate, Bladder, Testicular, and Penile Diseases and their Cancers
• Stone diseases in the Kidney, Bladder, and Ureter
• All Bladder dysfunctions, including infections and bladder management in paraplegic patients
• Male Infertility
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Prostate Enlargement and Prostate Screening
• Circumcisions
• Vasectomy

Other Specialty Services we offer include:
• Prostate Cancer Surgery
• Uro Oncology
• Complex Stone Surgery—both emergency and elective
• Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
• Incontinence Surgery (male and female), including Sling and Artificial Urinary Sphincter Surgery
• Andrology and Infertility: Treatment for male impotence - from tablets to surgery

At 5th Avenue Medical & Day Surgery Center, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional care to our patients in an approachable, compassionate, and welcoming environment.

Dr. Onyango Oluoch is skilled in using cutting-edge technology, such as Laparoscopy, Endourology, and Laser Surgery, to ensure that you receive the safest, least invasive therapy and the best results possible.

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Dr. Onyango Oluoch - 0741 254745 Leading Urologist in Nairobi Kenya Urologists Prostate Cancer Bladder Cancer Kidney Stones Urethral Stricture Erectile Dysfunction Urinary Incontinence Male Sexual Abnormalities

Dr Onyango Oluoch - Urologist

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