Dr. Onyango Oluoch: Prostate Cancer and Comprehensive Urology Specialist in Nairobi

Dr Onyango Oluoch - Urologist - Dr. Onyango Oluoch: Prostate Cancer and Comprehensive Urology Specialist in Nairobi

20 Mar, 2024 9:40 AM

Dr. Onyango Oluoch is a beacon of excellence in the Kenyan medical landscape, particularly known for his specialization in urology. His profound expertise and extensive experience position him as a leading figure in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of an array of urological conditions, including prostate-related diseases, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and prostate cancer.

Urological Excellence and Comprehensive Care
Dr. Oluoch delivers exemplary care, boasting a broad range of urological services for the diagnosis and effective treatment of prostate cancer. His practice is comprehensive, including prostate biopsies, active surveillance strategies, radical prostatectomies, preventative care, treatments for benign prostate enlargement, and transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).

Wide-Ranging Specialties and Proficiency
Distinguished in his field, Dr. Oluoch’s capabilities extend across various urological disorders, with a special focus on:
● Advanced Prostate Diagnostics: Utilizing cutting-edge methods like template biopsies,
PSA testing, and MRI scans for precise cancer staging.
● Management and Treatment of BPH.
● In-depth Prostate Cancer Care: Options encompass nerve-sparing radical
prostatectomies, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.
● Interstitial Cystitis Management: Offering medication, bladder distension, instillation, and surgical interventions for complex cases.
● Kidney Stone Solutions: Including ureteroscopy, laser lithotripsy, metabolic evaluations, and prevention strategies.
● Bladder Cancer Treatments: Including cystectomy, transurethral resection, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.
● Urethral Stricture Care: Through minimally invasive surgery and urethroplasty.
● Vasectomy Procedures: For informed male family planning.
Further enriching his repertoire of services, Dr. Oluoch also specializes in:
● Circumcision: Offering modern techniques for all age groups.
● Orchidopexy for Undescended Testis: Providing timely intervention to address this common paediatric condition.
● Male Infertility Evaluation and Management: Utilizing the latest diagnostic tools and treatments to support men facing fertility challenges.
● Cystoscopy: Employing advanced technology to diagnose and treat bladder and urethral conditions.

Dr. Oluoch’s unwavering dedication and skill make him a trusted authority for patients confronting a range of urinary tract and reproductive organ issues, including those mentioned above as well as erectile dysfunction, sexual health concerns, and urinary tract infections.

Contact Information
For personalized and expert urological care, reach out to Dr. Onyango Oluoch at:
● Personal Number: 0721 850826
● Office Number: 0741 254745
● Location: 5th Avenue Medical and Day Surgery Centre, 5th Ngong Avenue Suites, 7th
Floor, Room 1, Nairobi
● Email: [email protected]

Place your trust in Dr. Oluoch for a compassionate, comprehensive, and highly proficient treatment experience.

Prostate Cancer diagnosis management benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH prostate biopsies active surveillance strategies radical prostatectomies preventative care transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). Interstitial Cystitis Management

Dr Onyango Oluoch - Urologist

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