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R H Devani Ltd - Electric Motor Varnish Dealers in Kenya

06 Dec, 2017 4:08 PM

Lordex Electricity Motor Varnish is a reliable and convenient air drying varnish designed for electrical industry in Kenya. R H Devani Ltd manufactures and supplies electric motor varnish of the highest quality.

Lordex electricity motor varnish is an air drying varnish based solvents with optimal efficiency. It is useful and applicable in the repair of circuit boards, starter winding, electric motors, generators and transformers for efficiency. This product helps insulate the windings from contaminants to keep it rigid and tight as it also dissipates heat. It is best in application that requires insulating, bonding and sealing.

Lordex motor varnish is a high voltage anti-tracking varnish that provides a tough insulating seal in difficult environments. It dries rapidly in thin film to give very effective sealing off of electrical leakage paths. It also offers excellent resistance to transformer oils and moisture, and is suitable for insulation.

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Kitui Road, Off Kampala Road, Industrial Area Nairobi
Cell: 0705 187175, 0705 187176
Tel: 020 2627447-9
Website: www.rhdevani.com

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