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R H Devani Ltd is a company that operates within East Africa and has a complete range of products covering substantial consumer and petroleum lines of both the domestic and industrial needs.

We are a leading petrochemical (white and black petroleum products, bitumen, lubricants and oils) open systems dealer. We are also environmentally conscious and that's why we use recycled plastics to manufacture most of our products.

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R H Devani Ltd - Floor Polish Hygienic Wax in Kenya

Floor Polish Hygienic Wax in Kenya

20 Sep, 2017 5:28 PM

We manufacture and supply incredibly easy to use but quality and highly adhesive floor polish wax. It is hygienic and readily usable without needing special equipment for application.

Whether you prefer a floor wax or a floor finish, Lords Floor Polish Hygienic Wax is the perfect answer and will be a great investment for keeping your facility floors cleaner, safer and easier to maintain.

For perfect application results, simply remove furniture and rugs, then sweep, vacuum or dust mop your floor, and give it a wet/cleaning with floor cleaner. Then squirt Lords floor polish wax onto the floor, spread it with an applicator and allow it to dry.

Contact us:
Kitui Road, Off Kampala Road, Industrial Area Nairobi
Cell: 0705 187175, 0705 187176
Tel: 020 2627447-9
Email: info@rhdevani.com
Website: www.rhdevani.com

Floor Polish Lords Floor wax Hygienic Floor Polish Kenya Nairobi Quality Floor Polish

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R H Devani Ltd - Antibacterial Hand Wash in Kenya

Antibacterial Hand Wash in Kenya

14 Sep, 2017 9:53 AM

We wash our hands to cleanse them to remove bacteria. Whether we are at home working in the kitchen garden or out in the park exploring nature, keeping our hands clean is important.

R H devani Ltd manufactures and distributes perfumed hand wash cream going by the brand name Cleanox Antibacterial Hand wash, a far more superior product that cleans, cares and protects your hands by killing germs leaving them fresh and free from bacteria.
Whether you’re spending the day at picnic sites or shopping with the kids, Cleanox Antibacterial Hand Wash will keep your hands instantly clean and protected from bacteria.
When should you wash your hands?

When you spend time packing lunches, getting muddy in the garden or cooking in the kitchen, your hands come into contact with dirt and germs. This spreads to under your nails when handling sticky food and muddy surfaces. This is when antibacterial hand wash comes handy. Teach your family on how to wash their hands the proper way with Cleanox Antibacterial Hand Washing for healthy living.

For more information, contact www.rhdevani.com

Healthy Living Cleaning Detergents Deergents Hand Cleaners

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R H Devani Ltd - Hydrogen Peroxide in Kenya

Hydrogen Peroxide in Kenya

07 Sep, 2017 1:31 PM

Going by the brand name Amar Hydrogen Peroxide, our solution is most preferred for medical antiseptic and as a deodorizer. It is the simplest peroxide used mainly as a bleaching agent and disinfectant in Kenya.

Health and Beauty
It is a mild antiseptic variously used to enhance health and beauty. Hydrogen Peroxide is used on the skin to prevent infection of minor cuts even and burns. It disinfects small wounds to avoid infection, hair bleaching, acne clear up, help heal boils, ear wax removal, antiseptic mouth rinse, toothbrush disinfection, foot fungus treatment, among many other applications.

To help remove mucus or minor mouth irritation like cold sores and gingivitis, hydrogen peroxide may be of great help. This product however should not be used to treat deep wounds, animal bites, or serious burns.

Kitchen & Bath
Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common household disinfectants in the world. It helps clean tile surfaces, remove tub scum, disinfect countertops, whiten grout, clean toilet bowls, soak dishrags & sponges, wash fruits & vegetables, clean your refrigerator and disinfect cutting boards.

Around the House
It also a household name in laundry, removal of organic stains, de-funk musty fabrics, clean carpets and rugs, refresh re-useable bags, disinfect lunchboxes, cleanse dehumidifiers, improve seed germination and clean glass surfaces.

For more information, visit www.rhdevani.com

Kitchen and Bath Health and Beauty Disinfectants Bleaching Agents Medical Anticeptic

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R H Devani Ltd - Chlorine Powder

Chlorine Powder

30 Aug, 2017 1:58 PM

R H Devani Ltd are the leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of high quality chlorine Powder in Kenya. Going by the brand name Amar Chlorine Powder, it is packaged in 1kg and 500gms respectively.

Also known as calcium hypochlorite, it is popularly used as disinfectant and bleacher in domestic and industrial set ups. An increasing number of people use bleach powder in disinfection of tableware, sterilization of houses, hotels, hospitals and public places. Other popular uses include sanitization of swimming pool, disinfection of surfaces and equipment in kitchens.

It is also a preferred detergent in cleaning bathrooms and in laundry as cleaning detergent. It is harmless to people and has strong smell of chlorine. It is a household name in domestic use in disinfecting drink water, since it is highly soluble in water.

Visit us on www.rhdevani.com for more information.

Amar Chlorine Powder Calcium Hypochlorite Bleach Powder

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R H Devani Ltd - Bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of soda

24 Aug, 2017 11:01 AM

Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda, bread soda and cooking soda, bicarbonate of soda is an alkali with various uses. R H Devani Ltd are the manufacturers of original and quality bicarbonate in Kenya. It is used to raise soda breads and full-flavoured cakes such as gingerbread, fruit cake, chocolate cake and carrot cake among many other uses.

Baking soda is useful in baking as a leaving agent. Heating sodium bicarbonates releases carbon dioxide hence can be used as fire extinguish on small grease or electrical fires. Due to its alkalinity, it can be administered in pools, spas and garden ponds to raise total alkalinity. Bread soda is known for its use in controlling pests.

Toothpaste containing bicarbonate of soda has a whitening and plague removal effect, hence suitable for personal hygiene. It is also helpful in mouthwashes. Athletes use bicarbonate of soda as supplement to manage speed based events. For farmers, it is a darling of many as a supplement for cattle feeding as it has buffering agent for the rumen.
Visit us on www.rhdevani.com for more information.

Bread Soda Cooking Soda Baking Soda Sodium Bicarbonate

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R H Devani Ltd - Wood Preservatives

Wood Preservatives

15 Aug, 2017 11:36 AM

R H Devani Ltd manufacturer and supply Lordex Wood Preservative, which is the leading wood preservative in Kenya. Timber treatment ensures a long life of wood and increases the durability and resistance from being destroyed by insects or fungus such as ants and other wood decay.

Lordex Wood Preservative has undergone a number of chemical timber treatment and pressure treatment processes that guarantee extension of the life of wood, timber, wood structures or engineered wood.

Our wood preservative is suitable for application by means of dipping, steeping, brushing or spraying, soaking or by means of hot and cold bath, and is conveniently packed in different sizes - 5Ltrs, 50Ltrs and 200Ltrs.

For more information, visit www.rhdevani.com

Timber Treatment Timber Preservative Pressure Treatment

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R H Devani Ltd - Soldering Fluid

Soldering Fluid

15 Aug, 2017 10:36 AM

Sol Flux ranks among the leading soldering Fluid brands in Kenya. Preferred as the most trusted chemical cleaning agent used in both extractive metallurgy and metal joining, Sol Flux is easily the natural choice for welding and soldering applications.

Sol Flux makes a nice joint that is shiny. It encourages easier transfer of heat, making it more convenient to solder and weld. It can be for general purpose soldering of copper, brass, tin plate, tinned metal and also on clean steel sheet.

For more information, visit www.rhdevani.com

Welding Fluid Sol Fluid Metal Joining

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R H Devani Ltd - Fly Repellent Candles

Fly Repellent Candles

02 Aug, 2017 12:11 PM

R H Devani Ltd are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Fly Repellent Candles in Kenya and the entire East Africa. Also known as insect repellent candles, it is famous for its power in repelling all insects like mosquitos, moths and other biting insects, fly repellent candles is the surest solution to keeping away deadly diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, conjunctivitis, that are known to be spread by flies through mechanical contamination. Flies also cause typhoid and paratyphoid fevers.

Fly repellent candles have long burning hours, even going up to 9 hours. They come in standard heights hence fit in most candle lanterns. They burn without producing any odour or sooth, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.

Candles are also known for their ability to complement romantic atmospheres, as they add warmth to any space and situations.

Visit www.rhdevani.com for more information

Mosquito Control Mosquito Candle Insect Repellent

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R H Devani Ltd - Whiting Powder

Whiting Powder

27 Jul, 2017 4:01 PM

We are the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the best quality white powder for paints and other usage, conveniently packaged in different sizes of 10Kg, 25Kg and 50Kg. We are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of whiting powder in Kenya.

Mainly used as a cleaning agent to help remove all forms of residue, whiting powder when added to paint also improves the paint’s opacity, hence increases its coverage. As a cleaning agent, it removes excess flux and oil and also used as lead work to remove cement from stained objects like glass.

It is helpful when used as metal polish, putty and whitewash. Whiting powder contains varied composition of Calcium, Carbonate and magnesium carbonate – which is ideal to shine stainless steel items, marble, glass, silverware, copper and non-ferrous metals.

For more information, visit www.rhdevani.com

Cleaning Agents White Powder Whitewash

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R H Devani Ltd - Floor Polish Clear

Floor Polish Clear

17 Jul, 2017 12:38 PM

R H Devani Ltd are the manufacturers and suppliers of the best quality floor polish in Kenya, going by the brand name Lords Floor Polish Clear.

Buff up your floors with Lords Floor Polish Clear to experience an amazing floor finish ever known. It is best suited for furniture, wooden floors and crafts as it guarantees awesome attractive high shines that leave behind a clear, non-slip gleam that resists scratching and dulling.

Visit us on www.rhdevani.com for more information and full catalogue of our products.

Floor Polish Furniture Clear Wooden Floor Polish

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