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R H Devani Ltd - Battery Acid Manufacturers in Kenya

11 Oct, 2017 5:06 PM

Battery acid is used primarily for battery maintenance. It is used in industrial plants to provide supply for motor controls, alternator excitation supply and for emergency power as well as to energize control equipment. It is also widely used in automobiles due to the fact that its internal resistance is very low enabling it to provide a large output current required for starting car engine. Battery acid is also applied on hospital facilities that need steady DC supply.

To get the best service, maintenance of battery acid cells is critical. Observe utmost care and hygiene for the battery by keeping the top of the battery dry and clean. Do not charge the battery at high rate and avoid leaving the battery in a charge condition for way too long. Keep the electrolyte at the proper levels by monitoring the hydrometer reading.

R H devani Ltd are the manufacturers of top quality battery acid for battery maintenance in Kenya, going by the brand name – Devani Battery Acid.
We conveniently package it in 1litre, 5litres and 20 litres, depending on need.

Our Contacts:
Kitui Road, Off Kampala Road, Industrial Area Nairobi
Cell: 0705 187175, 0705 187176
Tel: 020 2627447-9

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