Financial Advisory Services to SMEs in Kenya

Makeni Mutua and Associates  - Financial Advisory Services to SMEs in Kenya

03 May, 2018 9:18 AM

Makeni Mutau & Associates are an established financial advisory services entity, which provides consultancy and business support services to SMEs in Kenya. We provide strategy solutions that are direly needed by SMEs to help them build the capacity to thrive and grow.

We provide advisory services by raising awareness of best SME financial practices like:
- Accounting and book-keeping
- Payroll processing and administration
- Tax management
- Internal auditing
- IT support
- Training in accounting packages
- Market intelligence studies
- Financial restructuring
- Community health project management
- Project financial evaluation and management
- Catalyse investment opportunities in emerging and developing market economies available

To support these practices we have a dedicated advisory team with a range of banking, legal, technical and investment backgrounds. We have an experienced team on matters SMEs services in financial, strategic and technical areas. To benefit from our professional advisory services contact us.

Our Contacts:
Bishop Rd, 1st Ngong Ave, ACK Garden House, 5th Flr.
Cell: 0723 254963
Tel: 020 2713030
Email: [email protected].

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