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Makeni Mutua and Associates  - Financial Advisory Services in Kenya

12 Feb, 2018 11:53 AM

At Makeni Mutua and Associates, we have an integrated business advisory team with expertise, experience, depth and knowledge in delivering high quality financial advisory services on legal, tax and asset management to clients with objective and client focused advice.

How an entity prepares for and manages financial matters prior and after business impacting encounter more often than not draws the line between remaining successful and being left lagging behind.

Makeni Mutua and Associates provides clients with risk based and strategic solutions to financial advisory services that work seamlessly to meet challenges posed by unexpected events to organizations.

Whenever a financial situation calls for valuation, forensic accounting, insurance claim or dispute advisory, we have a team with superior knowledge, hands on experience and technical skills to provide a professional input and solution to your organization and affordable rates at the most critical times.

Some of the services we offer are:
. Statutory Audit
. Business turn-around advice
. Forensic Audit
. Non-performing Loan portfolios
. Corporate Restructuring for SMEs
. Share Valuation
. Family Owned Businesses

Let us help your organization with sound professional and market driven financial advisory services at the best possible fee.
Our Contacts:
Bishop Rd, 1st Ngong Ave, ACK Garden House, 5th Flr, Nairobi

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