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Trauma Surgicals & Health Care Ltd - Medical Equipment Suppliers in Kenya

15 May, 2018 12:45 PM

Trauma Surgicals and Health Care Ltd are a reliable player in the supply of medical equipment in Kenya. Our products meet the industrial standards and are available with a customized solution as per the client’s bulk requirement. We are involved in manufacturing, trading and exporting of comprehensive array of therapy and surgical appliances that are appreciated by our customers for their quality and affordability.

We deal in the widest range of medical equipment that include:

Rebreathing Bags Green, Fine Adjustment Valves, F.A. Valve with Jacketed
Flowmeter, B.P.C. Flowmeter with
Humidifier Bottles, Anaesthesia Machine, Rebreathing Bag/
Reservoir Bag, Mox Regulator, Double Stage, Double
Gauge Mox Regulator, Single Adaptor, Twin Adaptor For Bpc
Flowmeter, Bain Circuit, Pin Index Adaptor, BPC Flowmeter with
Humidifier Bottle, Tube/Breathing Tube, Back Pressure
Compensated Flowmeter, Anaesthesia Face Mask -
Green, Self Sealing Valve with
Pipe Line Single Adaptor, Self Sealing Valve with

Other products we supply are:
Desk Top B.P Machine Mercurical, Desk Aneroid B.P Machine, Aneroid Wall B.P Machine, Complete Universal Diagnostic Set, Littmans Stethoscope, B.P Cus & Spare parts, Hollow ware Stainless Steel, Laryngoscopes, Oxygen Flow Meters, Anesthesia Masks, Insulin Syringes, Theatre Operating Boots, P.V.A Nasal Tampons, Expanding Nasal Tampons, straight, PVA, Sinus Tampons (PVA), Expanding Sinus Tampons, PVA, Nasal Packings latex-free, foam, Nasal Packings with latex cover, foam - Nasopharyngeal Tampons Classic version, Sterile 5 Threads (55cm), Bellocq Type, Modied Version, Sterile, 6 Threads (55 cm), Nasopharyngeal Foam Tampons, Sterile, 4 Threads (60 cm), External Nasal Splints, Internal nasal splints silicone, uoroplastic septal buttons, External Nasal Splints, Sets, Aluminium, External Nasal Splints, Thermoplastic, Internal, Silicone Internal Nasal Splint with Airway, Silicone, Internal Nasal Splint without Airway, Silicone, Internal Nasal Splints, Fluoroplastic, ear dressings, ECG Crocodile Cables, Bipolar/ Monopolar forceps & Cables, ECG Variety Papers, Six Lead Chanell ECG Cable, Three Chanell ECG Cable, Crocodile Clips, ECG Paper Rolls, Three Lead Chanell ECG cable, Bulb Electrodes, Twelve Lead Chanell ECG Cable, Crocodile Clip Electrodes, Gell Electrodes, Tas Dry Electrodes skin, Oxylog Transport Ventilator, Diathermy Machine Eschmaun, Di-brillator, Ultrasound Colour Poppler, ECG Machine Cardiocare 3000SR, Featal Doppler Machine, OBS/GYN Delivery Operating Set, Orthopedic Operating Set Instrumentation, ENT Operating Instrumentation Set, General Instrumentation Set, among many more.

Contact us for quality and original medical equipment at the most competitive rates in Kenya.

Our contacts:
Harambee Avenue, Cargen Hse, 3rd Floor, Room 307, Nairobi
Tel: +254 722 699611, +254 715 343068

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