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Mamba Tanks - Polypropylene Random Pipes - P.P.R Pipes

09 Aug, 2018 5:14 PM

Mamba Tanks manufacture and supply best quality Polypropylene Random Pipes - PPR Pipes - in Nairobi, Kenya. PPR Pipes are best suited for water supply systems and applications such as potable water and heating systems.

PPR Pipes have long life of at least 50 years. They are temperature resistant, corrosion and leak free, making them suitable for domestic and industrial plumbing solutions. They are ideal for watering systems in agricultural settings such as gardens and green houses. PPR Pipes are also fondly used for hydraulic works and air-conditioning systems in residential, industrial and public places.

We are located at 68, Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, You can call us on 0722 138669, 0732 559196 020 3536719 for quality and reliable PPR Pipes at the best price.

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