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BASMARK & COMPANY specializes in BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES IN KENYA – including Strategic Leadership Training, Team/Staff Development, Management Development, Time Management & Productivity, Communication Skills Training, Employee Assessments, Sales Training Programs, Small Business Consulting, Servant Leadership Training, and helps small, medium-sized businesses and corporates grow and thrive by equipping their employees and management staff with essential professional business development skills and overcoming obstacles – through training.

BASMARK & COMPANY offers Business Consultation and Coaching for entrepreneurs, business owners, and small-to-medium-sized businesses. We provide consulting services for those intending to expand their business portfolio, launch new businesses as well as help startups make their companies prosper.

Common business challenges we train on include:
• Lack of business agility with staff, technologies, and/or processes
• A misaligned or non-existent vision or strategy
• Trouble pivoting or innovating to adapt to the changing marketplace
• Doing business in an uncertain market
• Poorly executed strategies
• Toxic workplace environment
• Inability to hire and retain good team members
• A complacent workplace culture / change fatigue
• Not understanding business and customer insights

To successfully navigate these multifaceted business obstacles, one requires to be prepared to dig deep inside their company and industry to acquire clarity on issues and opportunities. Then, they will be ready to set a captivating and inspiring vision, develop world-class skills, build a tradition of agility, and deliver value quickly and efficiently.

Are you experiencing problems involving company culture, internal processes, or need new business strategies that better reflect your wishes for the future? We are here to help.
The good news is that you don’t have to face these challenges alone! At Basmark & Company, our vastly experienced business consultants will help you improve your processes, grow your team, and adapt to today’s ever-changing business environment.

If you are not sure what type of training would be best for your organization, feel free to schedule a friendly and expert consultation with us, and learn more about what would be most applicable for your organization. For more information on our business consulting services, contact us as below.

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0722 866969, 0734 847494
Westpark Towers, 2nd Flr, Office No.208, Mpesi Lane, Off Parklands Road, Westlands, Nairobi
Email: [email protected]

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