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16 May, 2018 1:47 PM

Hiwot Enterprises are stockists and suppliers of the best quality wet-dry vacuum cleaner in Kenya. Vacuum cleaners are best suited for both wet and dry floors, rug and carpet. They give you the convenience of performing mop and broom cleaning faster, conveniently and with less effort. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner helps to clean wet and dry dust and is double effective than using two different kinds of vacuum cleaners.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner is best suited to handle both dry and wet messes since it has incredibly powerful suction ability. They are highly versatile and offer excellent choices for tile floors, rug and carpet, sofas and other furniture.

Applications for wet and dry vacuum cleaner include:
• Sucking up spilled drinks.
• Unblocking sinks
• Drying a cleaned hard floor
• Keeping domestic environment clear and tidy.
• Getting rid of dust and wood chips from power tools.
• Thorough cleaning inside cars and vans.
• Vacuuming carpets that have just been cleaned.
• Cleaning areas with debris like garages and stores

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are suitable for both indoors and outdoors to collect dust and dirt since they serve a dual purpose for domestic dwelling. They are handy in any working environment as it can conveniently deal with liquid spillages and damp or wet patches. It can take on all types of dirt and liquid waste, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors.

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