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Are you facing Complex Tax, Accounting and Reporting challenges? Are you looking for clarity in your financial reporting? Does your organization need a trusted Tax Compliance perspective? Is your wealth planning on the right track? Do you need help to transform Tax Complexity into opportunity? – H. W. GICHOHI & COMPANY is here to help you navigate the complexities, challenges, and nuances of state, and local taxes with comprehensive tax consulting, preparation, and compliance services.

H. W. Gichohi & Company is one of the leading Tax Planning & Advisory Services firms in Kenya today. We understand that taxes are about a lot more than writing a check. Tax planning is about planning for growth and investment, protecting wealth for future generations and exploring all options on the path to business success. We offer a full range of TAX PLANNING, PREPARATION and COMPLIANCE SERVICES. Whether you are just starting a business, expanding a successful business, or getting ready to pass your business on to the next generation, H. W. Gichohi & Company’s business tax services team will professionally help you achieve your goals.

From analyzing your business’s financial information to providing forward-looking guidance, we help you understand the impacts of your financial decisions and offer advice on how you can maximize your tax position, all while taking into account business or personal financial goals. Our Tax planning, preparations and compliance services include:
• Business and individual income tax returns
• Advice on statutory & corporate tax returns
• Understanding the tax consequences of acquiring or divesting business assets
• Restructuring or reorganizing corporations and partnerships
• Estate planning, including preparation of wills and trusts
• Understanding the tax implications of real estate transactions
• Personal financial planning
• Income tax planning for executives, including employee compensation and benefit plans
• Investment planning
• Understanding the tax implications of gift and charitable contributions
• Understanding the tax impact of income and deductions, contributions, major purchases and investments
• Retirement planning programs
• Representing clients in tax negotiations and disputes with KRA
• Property tax assessments
• Succession planning
• Tax advice to executors and trustees
• Trade and customs tax services and guidance
• Tax valuation services

As tax advisors, we help our clients minimize tax risk and optimize their financial decisions to reduce overall taxes paid. With a deep understanding of ever-changing tax legislation, we ensure that our clients remain compliant with state tax regulations, even if they have complex financial circumstances.

As a business owner, it is your job to be concerned with the big picture – serving your customers and growing a successful business. It can be so burdensome and distracting having to deal with complicated changes to government tax laws. Our team of dedicated tax professionals can move tax compliance from an administrative burden to a forward-looking plan for your business’s growth.
We have over the many years of service in the industry been able to attract and retain top finance and accounting talent - adding to our deep technical accounting and reporting experience. We are therefore well equipped for top level tax planning and advisory services to help businesses meet today’s challenges.

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