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05 Jul, 2024 12:58 PM

DR WAMBUGU N G – Consultant Ophthalmologist - uses PTERYGIUM REMOVAL SURGERY to treat PTERYGIUM, a condition of the eye where a patient develops a benign pink growth on the eye, also known as SUFER’S EYE. Pterygium surgery involves use of a tissue graft to patch up the area after removing the growth.

At DR WAMBUGU N G Eye Clinic, we offer pterygium treatment along with world-class optician consultation and diagnosis in the hands of professionals who will also check and suggest the most uncomplicated treatment procedure convenient to the patients. If Pterygium expands to cover a portion of the cornea, thus causing irritation and causes problems by interfering with your vision, Professor H S Adala recommends treatment.

Symptoms of Pterygium
Pterygium symptoms include
• Redness of the eye
• Artificial tears or eyedrops
• Vision Impairment if the pterygium grows across the cornea
• Eye discomfort, due to the presence of a foreign item on the eye
• Inflammation, including bloodshot whites of the eye on the side
• Itching and burning sensations on the eye surface

DR WAMBUGU N G Eye Clinic is committed to clinical excellence and offer cutting-edge treatment for all sorts of corneal disorder, and may want to check your eyes regularly to see whether the growth is worsening or creating vision issues. It is imperative that you get regular consultations as suggested by your doctor.

Our Contacts
Dr Wambugu N G Eye Clinic
Menelik Medical Centre, Menelik Road, Off Ngong Rd, Kilimani, Nairobi
Tel: 0721 732306

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