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30 Oct, 2017 1:13 PM

If you're looking for the highest grade and quality glass products and installation in Nairobi, Kenya and across East Africa, then look no further! At Canon Aluminium Fabricators (CAF) we pride ourselves on being the front-runner of Glass Manufacturing and Installation across the East African region.

Types of Glass we Manufacture and Install:

Double Glazed Glass
~ We provide Double Glazed Glass Window Panels that are separated by a vacuum or gas to reduce heat and noise transfer ensuring that your home or office is perfectly insulated.

~ Toughened Glass
Unlike normal or annealed glass which will shatter into dangerous shards when broken, our tempered glass fractures into small harmless pieced.

~ Laminated Glass
Laminated glass, similar to toughened glass will increase safety and security as to will not shatter, instead, it is held together by an interlayer.

~ Processed Glass:
We provide the best quality Building Glass in the industry, get in touch today to find out about our diverse range of shades and patterns.

Get in touch today or visit us at our building along Mombasa Rd and find out how we can help you with all your glass needs.

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