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BATRA BUTIMEN KENYA is one of the leading Bitumen Products and Road Construction Material Manufacturing Companies in Kenya. We promote economic development through the manufacture and supply of a wide range of bituminous products, including Road Bitumen, Construction Bitumen, Roofing Bitumen (Liquid & Packaged), Polymer-Bitumen Binders, Tar, Fuel Oil and Bitumen Emulsion; for the construction of roads and industries across Kenya.

We have consistently developed a long-term business partnership with construction companies in Kenya which has evolved to sustainable progress and social stability through the supply of quality products.

Our Products
Bitumen for Road Construction:
As the tightening of the requirements for the quality of the roads and the quality of materials increases, our greatest strength lies in getting the required BITUMINOUS PRODUCTS for the construction of all grades of roads.

We supply all types of Bitumen, including:
• Penetration Grade Bitumen: This is one of the commonest bitumen essential for road construction and the production of asphalt pavements. It is known for its superiority, durability and resistivity to temperature changes. This bitumen exists in different sub-grades which are bitumen 30/40, 40/50, 50/70, 60/70, 80/100, and 100/120
• Cut-back Bitumen: It exists as a binder to road construction. Cut-back bitumen has a remarkable leading advantage as compared to emulsions. With a much higher residual percentage of 80%
• Bitumen Emulsions: It is liquefied bitumen with a very low viscosity. It is ideal for road construction specifically for maintenance and repair work.
• Polymer Modified Bitumen: This is bitumen modified with polymer. It is mostly used on road pavements, particularly to withstand heavy-duty traffic and on extreme weather conditions

Bitumen for Industrial Application:
Our set of Industrial bitumen lives up to the current industry standards for performance specifications. We are leading suppliers of Roofing and Industrial Construction Bitumen for guaranteed deformation resistance and prolonged industrial usage, including Oxidized Bitumen – the bitumen that can be used for coating pipeline pipes in the Oil and Gas Industry, sealant for wire coating, and waterproofing industry.

At BATRA BUTIMEN KENYA, we look back at many years of experience as a specialized manufacturers and distributors of bituminous products and road construction materials with great pride anchored on Honesty, Reliability and Top Entrepreneurial Trust. Through innovation, we ensure that the quality of our product portfolio is continually improved to meet the ever changing international Road Bitumen and Industrial Bitumen grades.

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BATRA BUTIMEN KENYA - Penetration Grade Bitumen in Kenya

Penetration Grade Bitumen in Kenya

15 Feb, 2023 7:52 PM

BATRA BUTIMEN KENYA Limited is a Leading Importer and Supplier of PENETRATION BITUMEN; the petroleum grade bitumen, such as Bitumen 30/40, Bitumen 40/50, Bitumen 50/70, Bitumen 60/70, Bitumen 80/100, Bitumen 85/100, Bitumen and 100/120.

The grades for PENETRATION GRADE BITUMEN, also known as semi hard black product, are named due to their levels of hardness and consistency that determine their suitability for application in various construction methods and under different environmental and climatic conditions based on penetrability.

Also known as paving grade bitumen, Penetration grades are mainly used in the manufacturing of hot mix asphalt for road base and wearing courses, having considered many factors, including the average temperature of the region, the level of traffic loads, and the type of soil.

Soft bitumen is more suitable for soils with high particle density such as clay, while on the contrary, high penetration graded bitumen works better for soils with low particle density.

Air temperature is another crucial factor in selecting penetration grade. If you are paving a road in a very cold or even hot region, be careful. If the bitumen is too soft or hard in the environment temperature, the possibility of cracking or deformation increases.

Considering the traffic load is also necessary when it comes to penetration grades. Softer grades like 60/70 show more durability exposing to heavy traffic loads. Accordingly, lower grades are used for paving roads with high traffic loads.

Before using penetration grade bitumen, pay attention to test results and other factors such as penetration grade, flash point, softening point, ductility, and specific gravity.

By supplying Bitumen Products in Kenya, BATRA BUTIMEN KENYA supports the massive and expansive road construction industry, building construction industry and general infrastructural expansion in Kenya and the entire East African region. We deal in the Wide Range of Bitumen Products including, Penetration Bitumen, Cutback Bitumen, Roofing and Industrial Bitumen, Emulsion Bitumen and Oxidized Bitumen; sourced from the most known and trusted refineries worldwide.

BATRA BUTIMEN KENYA has the capability to Import and Supply the different Grades of Penetration Bitumen in compliance with the set National and International Standards.

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Mogadishu Road, Off Lunga Lunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

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