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Balm Dental Care Centre  - Teeth Masking Services in Kenya

07 Feb, 2018 6:10 PM

In Nairobi, Kenya, Balm Dental Care Centre is one stop dental solution centre for teeth masking. Balm Dental Care Centre administers solutions to even the most intensive discoloration of tooth tissue. We restore and improve smile aesthetic appearance of teeth and smile by administering teeth masking at the most affordable price.

Lots of patients today come for teeth masking in order to improve their appearance of teeth and by extension their smile. Whether the discoloration is due to previous trauma or possibly a result of endodontic treatment where long term results are difficult to achieve as colour regression may occur, one way to solve such a problem is the use of composite masking shades. We procure a procedure that helps our patients to achieve best result on restoring their original teeth colour.

More often than not, people develop an unhealthy obsession with tooth whitening without observing the correct dental procedures and professional touch. This often results in regrettably dire consequences.

Even in the case of intensive discoloration of anterior teeth due to previous root canal treatment, the correct teeth masking procedure applied by professional dentist allows the masking and restoration of excellent aesthetic result for the patient’s smile. This is what Balm Dental Care Centre promises you.

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