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Are you or your elderly acquaintance experiencing incontinence challenges like leakage anywhere in Kenya? Get affordable quality ADULTCARE DIAPER & PANTS, including MGL Adult Incontinence Underwear, MGL Adult care, Happy Life Adult Diapers, Easy Friends Adult Diapers, and Sirona Premium Adult Diaper Disposal Bags - the incontinence products designed to manage complete incontinence with soft breathable material for comfort, close, body-fit shape and leg cuffs for adults (both men and women) with incontinence, mobility impairment, and severe diarrhea or dementia conditions – from Adaptive Picks Diapers - the Incontinence Solutions Provider in Kenya.

We are the leading supplier of adult care diapers & pants in Thika, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret and Kisii. We also cover Meru, Embu, Karatina, Kiambu and Nanyuki towns.

We have made available Medium (M), Large (L) & Xtra Large (XL) sizes of Adult Briefs with the following advantages:
• Unisex
• Super absorbent
• Quick absorption and penetration of urine
• Fitted with leak guard
• Prevent back flow
• Give a comfortable and snug fit

More advantages of Adaptive Picks Adultcare Diapers
• Locks away Urine, keeping the skin dry. Even when sitting on a product after voiding (weeing), liquid can’t be pressed out
• Dry skin - Painful rashes or other conditions caused by prolonged contact with urine are avoided
• No odour - The urine is not exposed to the air, bacteria are unable to multiply
• Comfortably thin and not noticeable under everyday clothing, yet highly absorbent

Adaptive Picks offers pull-up underwear for independent and entirely mobile patients since it is easier option for self-change and also provides more dignity, and adult diapers with tabs where a caregiver is going to change the user, since it is a lot easier to manage at changing time.

We offer doorstep delivery to our clients and Thika. Get in touch with us today!

Our Contacts
Zuhura Place, Opposite Thika Nursing Hospital, Thika
Mobile: 0793 459 303, 0791 908 136
Email: [email protected]

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