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ADULT DIAPERS IN KENYA is one the Adaptive Picks (the leading supplier of Incontinence products in Kenya) major products. You might be asking where you can find and who is supplying all types of affordable Adult Diapers, namely Pull-Up Adult Diapers, Bed Adult Pads, Adult Diapers with Tabs and Adult Cloth Diapers Pads in Kenya? Each type of these Sanitary Nappies has different features, suitable for different markets and customer groups.

Get in touch with Adaptive Picks for Kenya’s most absorbent adult diapers, xl incontinence briefs, xs adult diapers, xxl pull ups for adults, bulk nappies for sale in Kenya; including Giggles Adult Diapers, Adults Wearing Huggies Pull Ups, Adult Pull Up Underwear, Diaper for Elderly Patients, Diaper for Senior Citizens, Diaper for Older Adults, Diaper Pads for Adults, Diaper Sheets for Adults, Diapers for Adults With Tabs, Diapers for Bedridden Adults, Diapers for Disabled Adults, Diapers for Elderly Woman, Diapers for Grown Ups, Different Types of Adult Diapers, Disposable Briefs Adults, Disposable Briefs for Adults, Disposable Pull Up Pants for Adults, TENA Adult Diapers, Elderly Diapers, Elderly Pampers, Kenya Adult Diapers, Extra Absorbent Adult Diapers, Extra Large Diapers for Adults, Extra Large Pull Ups for Adults, Extra Small Adult Diapers, Female Adult Diapers, Fit Right Adult Diapers, Diapers for Seniors, Full Adult Diaper, Good Adult Diapers, Grown Up Diapers, Heavy Duty Adult Diapers, Hospital Diapers for Adults, Huggies Diapers for Adults, Huggies Pants for Adults, Huggies Pull Ups for Adults, I Wear Adult Diapers, In Adults Diapers, Incontinence Diapers, Incontinence Nappies,

We are also the leading suppliers of Super Absorbent Adult Diapers, Tena Adult Diapers, Tena Adult Pants, Tena Adults Diapers Coupons, Tena Diapers, Tena Large Diapers, Tena Maxi Diapers, Tena Medium Diapers, Tena Mens Diapers, Tena Nappies for Adults, Tena Nappies Small, Tena Overnight Diapers, Tena Pampers, Tena Pampers Price, Tena Plastic Backed, Tena Pull Ups for Adults, Tena Slip Diapers, Tena Slip Maxi Diapers, Tena Slip Nappies, Tena Value, Tena Value Diapers, Tena Women’s Diapers, Tena Xl Diapers, Terry Cloth Diapers for Adults

We have a national network that enables us to take your orders and deliver on time all types of adult diapers and a range of all other types of incontinence products to all towns and cities in Kenya at your doorstep at the most affordable prices.

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Zuhura Place, Opposite Thika Nursing Hospital, Thika
Mobile: 0793 459 303, 0791 908 136
Email: [email protected]

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