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Wilmag Kenya is a Nairobi based company situated in the heart of the bustling Industrial Area. Our team consists of professionally trained hydrologists, engineers combined with an extensive crew of maintenance staff.

With over a decade of experience in Kenya, we have invested in the right technology to control costs while delivering excellent service to all our clients with a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget.

Call us today to find out more about our full-service turnkey - borehole and water well drilling packages.

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Wilmag Kenya Ltd - Why invest in a borehole?

Why invest in a borehole?

22 Aug, 2017 3:21 PM

Did you know that across Africa less than 20% of purified, clean and costly water is consumed for drinking? In fact, most water is used to water gardens, wash cars, clothes, dishes or bathing. As you can imagine this is a waste of good quality water and a strain on the middle-income budget.

When you have a professional company dig your borehole you avoid water restrictions and possible water cuts. You also end up saving 40 - 60% of your water budget as you will not be wasting paid resources to water your gardens.

Additionally, a borehole is an investment which enhances your property value especially attractive to renters or future buyers.

At Wilmag, we have a wealth of experience working with an array of clients from across various sectors.

Visit, call or email us today and book your borehole survey and assessment to find out if your area has a water bearing zone.

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