Trade Bureau De Change

Forex Bureaus in Nairobi, Kenya
City Hall Way, Cotts House, Ground Floor Nairobi

At Trade Bureau De Change, our business focuses primarily on Money Changing, Forex Bureau, Trade Bureaus and Foreign Exchange Bureaus. To give the best service to our clients, we deal in all major foreign currencies, such as the following, among many more…
. American Dollar
. Sterling Pounds
. Swiss Frank
. Swedish krona
. Egyptian pound
. Qatari riyal
. Turkish lira
. Japanese yen
. Australian dollar
. Canadian dollar

We also operate a secure digital M-pesa transactions such as send money, receive money and pay for bills in a convenient and safe environment.

Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 8.00a.m - 6.00p.m
Saturday: 8.00a.m - 5.00p.m
Sundays: 9.00a.m – 2.30p.m
Holidays: Closed


Trade Bureau De Change

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