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Titans Tours & Travel is a tour operating and travel Agency Company in Kenya gaining a reputation in providing memorable, revitalizing safari trips to our clients offering services such as; -

•Air ticketing
• Hotel bookings
• Conferencing
• Transfers
• Honeymoon packages
• Travel insurance

Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5.30am
Saturday: 9.00am - 1.00pm
Sunday & Holidays: Closed

Business Hours
Monday - Friday : 8.30am - 5.30am
Saturday : 9.00am - 1.00pm
Sunday & Holidays : Closed

+254 20 2211414

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+254 775 867879

Titan Tours & Travel Limited - Advantages of Online Reservations

Advantages of Online Reservations

15 Sep, 2016 11:15 AM

Planning for trips has been made even easier with the invention of the internet. You can easily book a bus/air ticket as well as hotel accommodation online from the comfort of your living room.

One of the advantages of booking online, for example, is the wide selection of airlines rates, including low-cost carriers. You will also find all kinds of hotels, different tour package options, transfers and car rentals so that you can compare prices and choose what best suits your tastes and budget, all in one place. In addition, you can get a wealth of information about the destinations and attractions.

Another advantage of booking you trip online in advance is that you can find incredible deals that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. But you have to be attentive and check the travel websites often in order to take advantage of the promotions when they appear.

If you search ahead of time, you are sure to find cheap flights during the week as it is always convenient to travel on a weekday when the rates are cheaper because these are less popular times to fly.

If you are on the hunt for travel deals in 2016 or 2017, we suggest you start looking now. If you want to book a trip to a particular destination on a specific date, it’s best to book well in advance.

Visit Titan & Tours Travel Agents Website on http://www.titansafaris.com and get to find the best deal for your next holiday trip.

Online Traveling Booking Advantages of Online Booking

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - How to Choose The Best Travel Agent

How to Choose The Best Travel Agent

03 Aug, 2016 3:51 PM

Are you looking a reliable travel agent?Here are things to consider when looking for a travel agent.

• Reputation – Look on travel message boards to see what a company’s reputation is. It might not always be what they claim, and it’s important to find out the truth before you book.

• Cost – With tour companies, it’s not always a guarantee that you get what you pay for. Many tour companies overcharge, while some are just really good at maximising value for your every penny. Ask where the money goes and how it is spent to find out if you are really getting the best value for your money.

• Market – Research the company’s target market. Again, travel boards can help here. Is the tour geared toward older couples? Young people? Families? You don’t want to end up on a loud place tour when all you wanted was a quiet holiday.

• Guides – Make sure the company uses knowledgeable, local guides. The guide should be a local or at least a long-term resident, know the local language, have travel experience, and know life-saving techniques.

• Safety – Make sure the company follows all the proper safety requirements and is accredited by the local government, the government where they are based, and any other appropriate trade organisations.

• Schedule – You’re paying for them to fill your day. How do they do that? Are they doing that? Do they have a lot of activities organised, or do they leave you to your own devices?

Or you can visit one of the best tour companies in Kenya Titan & Tours Travel and we will help you get the best deal and destination for your holiday.

To get in touch with us, call us on +254202211414 or+254722519919

Best Travel Company Travel Company

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - Best Offers To Travel To Malindi Available

Best Offers To Travel To Malindi Available

27 Jul, 2016 5:32 PM

Malindi is one of the best tourists destination for both foreign and local tourists. As a tourist in Malindi, you get the revered opportunity to wander through the alleys of the atmospheric old town and stop for fresh oysters besides the Indian Ocean.
And now, Titan Tours & Travel, in one of their best Deals Of The Month, give you the opportunity to tour Malindi in a package which includes 4days and 3night for only Ksh.49,900/= per person for residents and USD $599 nonresidents.

The package includes a return flight from Nairobi to Malindi, accommodation in a 3-star hotel, meals all inclusive of (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and all sort of drinks) and use of the hotel facilities like the swimming pool and beach.

Travel in Malindi with style as you explore and have fun with help from Titan and Tours.

NB: This package can be customised to suit your taste, preference and budget.

For inquiries, call us on +254722518819 or +254775867879

Deal of The Month To Malindi Malindi Tour Package

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - Best Safari Tour Package in Kenya

Best Safari Tour Package in Kenya

20 Jul, 2016 3:29 PM

For those seeking an adventure in Kenya, Titan Tours & Travel has put in place the best safari tour package with the best wildlife safaris and gorilla Tours for you.

Kenya has one of the most attractive safari destinations in Africa. With its lush green vegetation, breathtaking landscapes and an amazing array of plant and animal species, it’s just the best place to be.

The first-day pick-up starts from Namanga and drives to Lake Manyara National Park. Have a picnic lunch in Manyara then a late afternoon game drive as you watch monkeys, elephants, zebras, impala’s, giraffes and buffalos roaming around in the park.

On day two, you get to drive on the Serengeti National Park via Olduvai Gorge for 3 to 4 hours and then visit the archaeological site located in the eastern Serengeti plains, where early human fossils were first discovered. Get to view its astounding landscape that resulted from the same tectonic forces that created the Great Rift Valley millions of years ago. In the late evening, go to either the Serengeti Wild Camp or similar for rest, dinner, and overnight.

On your fourth day, you will have a full day Game drives in Serengeti and then spend the night in Serengeti Wild Camp.

On day five, just after breakfast, you will be driven to Ngorongoro Crater for a game drive inside the crater. This is the best place in Tanzania to see black rhino as well as the pride of lion that include the magnificent black-manned males. There are lots of colourful flamingoes and a variety of water birds. Other game that you can see includes leopard, cheetah, hyena, other members of the antelope family, and small mammals. In the late afternoon, drive to Highview Hotel for Dinner and overnight rest.

On the sixth and final day of your adventure, you will have a drive from the Highview Hotel to Tarangire National Park, diverse and picturesque African wildlife sanctuary. The game drive will feature excellent landscapes views of beautiful riverine forests, acacia woodlands, ancient African baobab trees and endless rolling hills. Resident animals include elephant, mongoose etc., and primates animals like the olive baboon, vervet monkey and bush baby. Other migrant but very common animals include buffalo, wildebeest and zebra. Carnivores include lion, leopard, hyena and jackal and so much more as you get to learn and see more animals. You will get a drop off at Namanga as we all part ways after enjoy this one’s in a lifetime safari adventure from Uganda.

To book for this amazing safari adventure call us on +254722518819 or +254775867879

Safari Tour Package

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - An Adventurous Safari Tour To Tanzania's Wildlife

An Adventurous Safari Tour To Tanzania's Wildlife

13 Jul, 2016 5:16 PM

Book for an amazing safari tour package anywhere in Tanzania and get to explore an iconic national park by 4x4 or flying by light aircraft into some of the most exclusive safari lodges.

Tanzania is a country of outstanding natural beauty, wonderful wildlife and rich culture with over 120 tribal groups. To many, it’s the ultimate safari country, which is not surprising for a country that has more land devoted to national parks than any other wildlife destination. And Titan Tours & Travel is here to help you explore in Tanzania.

We have a number of different travel means to Tanzania from overland camping expeditions and small group lodge accommodated safaris, to tailor-made holidays and day tours that cover many of Tanzania's safari packages.

If you need an adventurous or luxurious safari tour package, we will give you what you need.

To get in touch with us call us on +254202211414 or +254775867879

Tanzania Safari Tour Package Tanzania Tour Safari Packages

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - Amazing Golf Safari Packages in Nairobi, Kenya

Amazing Golf Safari Packages in Nairobi, Kenya

06 Jul, 2016 4:45 PM

Golf safari in Africa is the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. At Titan Tours and Travels Ltd, we have ensured that we are flexible enough to give you the best 18-hole experience.

Our truly superb golf courses await all golfers coming to Kenya. We have golf safari packages from the best-known places like Windsor golf & Country Club, Mount Kenya Safari Club, Eldoret Club, Kakamega Golf Club, Nyanza Golf Club, Leisure Lodge Golf Club and Nandi Bears Club.

With beautiful sceneries, a first class course facility and accommodation, which can be easily arranged, you will enjoy all the challenges and rewards of golfing under a blue African sky.

However, you do not need to be a golfer to take advantage of this package. You can bring your family in to explore and enjoy a differently amazing holiday experience. Book for this African golfing experience in one of Kenya’s best golfing places with our help.

Contact us for inquiries on +254722518819 or +254775867879

Golf Safari Tour Packages Golf Safari Package

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - Book for your wedding Venue With Titan Tours & Travel

Book for your wedding Venue With Titan Tours & Travel

29 Jun, 2016 5:18 PM

A perfect place to celebrate your wedding ceremony and reception should be a place that caters for the couple, family and friends’ needs. A major factor to look for includes the space, quality of service, proximity to other places the entourage may visit during that day, as well as the cost constraint.

At titan Tours and travel, we look beyond all that, whether you choose a tropical beach wedding on the East African Coast or a bush wedding in Game country we will give you what you want. With our stunning Parks, tall Mountains and the serene Great Rift Valley that has fresh water lakes like Lake Naivasha you will enjoy your dream wedding.

Book for that perfect spot for your wedding day with us anywhere in Kenya and we will not disappoint you.

For more inquiries dial +254202211414 or +254722518819

Wedding Venue Booking

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - Titan Tours & Travel Flight Booking Services

Titan Tours & Travel Flight Booking Services

22 Jun, 2016 5:03 PM

Plan for your trip or getaway with Titan Tours & Travel Ltd as we help you get the best deals for all your flight bookings needs.

Whether you’re jetting off for pleasure or traveling for business, we will get you a good deal to your destination domestic or international. If you prefer to fly with a specific airline, we can help you with that too.

Don’t hassle or make endless calls, come to Titan Tours where your flight booking is made easier and fast with our help.

For our services dial +254722518819 or +254775867879

Flight Booking Services Flight Booking

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - Book For Your Hotel Accommodation With Us

Book For Your Hotel Accommodation With Us

16 Jun, 2016 5:35 PM

Visiting Kenya for a tour adventure/safari or going for your honeymoon and you need accommodation in a fancy hotel, tented camp etc. Titan Tours has your back.

From the best African hotels or top safari game lodges, beach bungalows or intimate tented camps in superb settings. We will get you something that makes you have a good night sleep and rest.

We are tailor-made luxury safari specialists, which means we create an itinerary around your individual tastes, preferences and interests. We favour luxury accommodation in our lists because we believe in the luxuries of personal service and comfort when you’re at your trip.

Come to the people who know Africa’s best luxury hotels, safari camps and villas because we have personally tried and tested them and book for your accommodation in Kenya with us.

For Booking get in touch with us on 0722518819 or 0775867879

Accomodation Booking Hotel Accomodation

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Titan Tours & Travel Limited - Titan Tours and Travel 3day’s Kenyan Safari Tour Package

Titan Tours and Travel 3day’s Kenyan Safari Tour Package

08 Jun, 2016 3:41 PM

Engage yourself in the animal kingdom in one of Kenya’s finest game parks as you enjoy an amazing Titan Tours and Travel 3 day’s tour safari package for only $450.

This exciting selection of a Kenyan safari tour will allow you to either explore in Samburu, Masai Mara or Amboseli in a Kenyan style, while staying in luxurious lodges that will provide you with delicious meals and accommodation options.

Delight in discovering the wildlife and landscape of Kenya by having game drives and taking part in exciting group activities in the company of knowledgeable guides by your side.

You don’t have to worry about your transportation, because we got your back.

For booking this Kenyan safari tour package talk to us on 0722518819 or 0775867879

3day’s Safari Tour Package Kenyan Safari Tour Package

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