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Softeye Solutions Ltd - Bulk SMS Service Providers Nairobi

09 Jul, 2018 5:28 PM

Softeye Solutions Ltd are among the leading providers of an effective, efficient and cost effective bulk sms service in Nairobi, Kenya. We operate and offer convenient solution for bulk text messaging service in Kenya through a Software that is all accessible over the Internet or intranet.

Unlike emails that are mostly deleted even before they are read, without question, SMS is by far the quickest, most effective communication tool and surest way to pass a message to members of an organised group or those with the same interest in the purposed message. It is overly suitable for organised systems and organizations such as schools, churches, chamas, Saccos, Universities…etc

We offer expert Bulk SMS Service at the most affordable rate ever imagined in Kenya today. Feel free to contact us on 20 2337928| Cell +254 720 282551 or visit us at Bhavesh Center 1st Flr O2F, Off Ngara Road for more information and solutions.

Bulk SMS Service Kenya Nairobi

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