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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd specializes in LABEL PRINTING in Kenya. We are an international group with strong presence in Africa, Europe and India. We are a global, industry-leading company with a production site and 130 employees in Kenya - working tirelessly to help our customers succeed.

We are a Printing Company, making labels that you, your customers and the environment will love. We have the technology and the expertise to create any label you need. With all printing technologies and over 100 years of experience in the packaging industry, we can create any label any industry needs, particularly Beverage, Homecare, Industrial, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food and Personal Care.

Our Product Range:
Self-Adhesive Labels, Promo Labels, Smart Labels, Peel & Read Labels, White Labels, Colour Matched Labels, In-Mould Labels, Shrink Sleeve Labels, BOPP Labels, Wet Glue Labels and Labeling Machines.

Our Services:
We do not just produce labels; we also make your life easier by offering top notch Services; including Sustainability Program, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, Portfolio Optimization, Design Services and Label academy.

Skanem Label Academy offers a comprehensive introduction to Label Development, Production and Handling….combining theory with interactive, practical sessions.

We also provide Technical Support
Our involvement in the life of a label does not end at goods in. We are here to support and guide you from concept to the filling line.

Skanem has a large pool of employees that have extensive experience with labeling to all major markets. Therefore we truly understand what you require from your labels and how new legislation and sustainable targets are forever changing your portfolio and constructions. We use our expertise to make your life easier by engineering your label portfolio for its end environment and ensure that it works first time, every time.

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0725 374336

020 247100/1/2/3

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - WET GLUE LABELS IN KENYA


17 Jul, 2023 11:02 AM

WET GLUE LABELS are Classic Paper Labels that are commonly used on glass containers. The labels are not coated with glue until just before they are applied. This means they are not delivered by us as self-adhesive. Meaning they require separate label glue or label adhesive, which is applied to the substrate during the labeling process. This makes them convenient to use and store. Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Limited is a specialist manufacturer of WET GLUE LABELS and all other forms of labels in Kenya.

In contrast to Adhesive Labels on rolls, WET GLUE LABELS must be glued – this must of course be taken into account when using them. Applied with a wet glue labeler, even large quantities of bottles, cans, and tinned food can be labeled quickly, making WET GLUE LABEL the real classic in the beverage industry, and always shows its strengths when larger quantities are involved.. In contrast to adhesive labels on rolls, we print wet glue labels using offset printing as opposed to digital printing.

At Skanem Interlabels International Nairobi Ltd, quality is as important to us as it is to you. We therefore do not compromise on printing technology. We only offer the highest quality so that you can sell your products in the best possible way. A great selection of films and papers are available for your wet glue labels; from matt to high-gloss, printed in various colours and with different finishes on the front and back of the labels. You can also get your labels in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Be as creative as you like.

As the leading label manufacturer in Kenya, we can also provide WET GLUE LABELS with all sorts of refinements, such as hot foil stamping. This gives products a real eye-catching appearance and makes them stand out from the competition at the point of sale. Finishing touches help transfer the quality of your product onto its general exterior via the label. Thus, the customer is sure to purchase a high-quality product.

Advantages of WET GLUE LABELS
It goes without saying that wet glue labels do not lag behind other label forms in terms of design and appearance, hence has the following advantages:
• Suitably resistant to moisture
• Can be cut to any shape
• Produced at low cost, due to reduced amounts of adhesive and waste
• Suitable for all kinds of product packaging

Looking for more than just paper?
Our wet glue capability boasts of state-of-the-art flexo printing and finishing processes resulting in a quality product delivered with outstanding technical support and customer service. Skanem is able to print wet glue labels in up to 10 colours including foiling and other special effects.

These are currently produced only by our factory in Kenya.
We will be happy to send you some samples of our WET GLUE LABELS for free. This way you can decide on the ideal material to suit your label needs. To receive material samples of wet glue labels, please contact our customer service via the contacts below.

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Wet Glue Labels Label Manufacturers in Kenya Flexo Printing in Kenya Classic Paper Labels Glass Container Labels Self-Adhesive Labels Hot Foil Stamping Skanem Interlabels International Nairobi Ltd Kenya Nairobi Wet Glue Labeling Machine Sticker Labeller Printable Glue Label

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - BOPP Labels in Kenya

BOPP Labels in Kenya

27 Jun, 2022 3:23 PM

Are you looking for highly durable and versatile labels in Kenya?

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd prints BOPP Labels to improve their adhesiveness and printability. BOPP Labels meet the need for a label to be easy to print on, resistance to water and chemicals and either clear or opaque…depending on the customer’s need.

Though thin, BOPP Label is very strong and moisture resistant, It is almost indestructible, it resists oil and water, making it perfect and excellent choice for labeling solutions for products like food, beverages, cosmetic industry and household goods used in the kitchen or in the bathroom. These labels are versatile and resilient because of the BOPP (Biaxially oriented polypropylene) material that they are made of.

Thanks to its resistance to most chemicals—solvents, bleaches, and disinfectants—BOPP is also suitable for drug and cosmetic labels. Our BOPP Labels boast of state-of-the-art flexo printing and finishing processes as well as great material choices, resulting in a quality product delivered with outstanding technical support and customer service.

Advantages of BOPP Labels:
Suitable for a variety of containers
These labels are thin and conform well to most container shapes. The scratch resistance of BOPP, and the label may last longer than the contents of the container.

Safe for food labels
They are non toxic and resistant to solvents and acids. All sorts of food product containers such as coffee, honey and tea packaging can use a BOPP label.

They are strong, water resistant and long lasting. Its plastic nature makes it more durable and stronger than paper. So, a BOPP label resists tears and scratches better than paper does.

Resistance to Water, Oil and Chemicals
BOPP label comes out undamaged even when it encounter oil, chemicals or water. Water and oil resistance properties of BOPP label material make it useful for applications in many industries.

Why aren't you using Skanem BOPP Labels?
Skanem BOPP labels are all you need for your household goods, domestic creations or for cosmetic industry packaging solutions. We use top materials and equipment to turn around any design into the most durable, resistant and eye appealing labels.

Get in touch with the Labeling Experts in Kenya, for all your product labeling needs.

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Household Product Labels Water Resistant Labels Oil Resistant Labels Chemical Resistant Labels BOPP Labels Skanem BOPP Beverage Labels Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd Kenya

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - SHRINK SLEEVE LABELS IN KENYA


25 Jun, 2022 7:11 PM

We are the leading printers of SHRINK SLEEVE LABELS of high quality with great designs in Kenya. Shrink Sleeves are hugely popular across multiple market segments thanks to their exceptional visual appeal and functional versatility. They are used for the entire surface, 360⁰ decorative display of the product – giving your brand optimal shelf presence and marketing exposure.

Heat is used to apply the label in a way that it takes the shape of the container. Depending on your preference, our shrink sleeves can be flexo printed in up to 10 colours or digitally printed in CMYK, Orange, violet and white and can be supplied on a reel or in singles.

Shrink Sleeve Labels are used across a variety of packaging shapes, making them a great choice for products packaged in bottles and cans. In addition, our tamper-evident shrink sleeves offer a vital security feature that detects product tampering.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeve Labels

Attractive Design
High quality graphics and innovative designs can be applied across the entire surface as artwork can conform to unique packaging shapes to make your products stand out. Artwork can conform to unique packaging shapes.

It is quick and easy to change design and create variety with shrink sleeve labels as compared to screen printing.

Tamper Evident
They can be used as a security seal by extending the sleeve over the bottle caps.

Fully Recyclable
They can be easily removed so that both the label and the container can be recycled.

They withstand moisture, friction and high temperatures.

Why Skanem Shrink Sleeve Labels?
At Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd, our shrink sleeve capability boasts of state-of-the-art flexo printing and finishing processes as well as great material choices resulting in a quality product delivered with outstanding technical support and customer service. We are able to print shrink sleeves in up to 10 colours on PET as well as PVC.

For orders and any questions, our label experts are at hand for professional advice and service

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Shrink Sleeve Labels Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd 360⁰ decorative display labels Flexo printed shrink sleeve labels tamper-evident shrink sleeves Label Printers in Kenya Kenya

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - Smart Labels in Kenya

Smart Labels in Kenya

23 Jun, 2022 2:59 PM

A growing number of food and consumer goods companies have resorted to using SMART LABELS to give consumers easy and instantaneous access to product information beyond what is on the product's label. Smart Label provides an identity to your business.

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd is the producer of Skanem Smart Labels. Smart Labels are a powerful tool that incorporates technology that extends the functionality and contents of labels or packaging beyond traditional print methods. By just a single scan can, you get the power to promote, protect and track and trace your products connects physical products to the Internet of things through a scannable code.

Custom labels connect the consumers with your products, with a great potential of gaining recognition and building loyalty through creation of an identity to your customers who know little about your brands.

Promote Your Product and Create Loyalty.

Connect with Consumers and Build Loyalty
It is easier to connect with consumers if engaging content like a brand story, ethical sourcing or a contest is just a scan away. The possibility of conveniently scanning a label on the product makes consumers more willing to interact.

Dynamic Content
Content can be updated and changed multiple times to keep the users interested and to increase interaction. Very beneficial for contests, personalised coupons and loyalty programs; for example.

Real Time Monitoring
Keep track of your campaign at all times to see what works well with your consumers and what can be improved.

Valuable Data
Get data that helps you understand consumer demographics and behaviour. Create targeted marketing campaigns based on learning from this data.

Protect Your Brand and Products.

Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Tampering
Protect your products with an added level of security by using unique encrypted NFC chips or imperceptible codes that cannot be copied.

Track and Trace Your Products.

Scan anywhere in the supply chain to capture relevant information. Get instant updates on product location, inventory etc as part of a full overview

Accurate Tracking
Scan full product shipments with a single scan and instantly spot quantity errors.

Smart Sustainability

Improve Recycling
They can be used to sort materials efficiently through accurate information delivered through scanning the label.

Reduce Material Usage
Because a single scan can deliver information online instead of on the label, the number and size of labels used can be significantly reduced.

To find out more about Skanem Smart Labels, please get in touch with us.

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Smart Labels Labeling Products in Kenya Product content identity product labels Skanem Smart Labels product scanning systems product scannable code Kenya Smart Labels Manufacturers in Kenya

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - White Labels in Kenya

White Labels in Kenya

21 Jun, 2022 7:17 PM

With e-commerce booming and the number of consumers adopting online shopping habits increases, our plain (or bespoke printed) labels have to be 100% reliable in quality and performance. A vast complex system of traceability, health and safety, delivering just-in-time and stock control efficiency, relies on the label’s functionality. As the reading accuracy can be the difference between a successful delivery from a misplaced product in the supply chain.

Advantages of White Labels

Improved Focus
White labeling allows you to focus on the marketing side of the business while your white label partner performs the cost-heavy activities since white it is manufactured by a third-party company and sold under your brand name.

Quicker Go To Market Time
It allows you to start a business quickly. It is an ideal model for merchandising if you have the main business and wish to increase your market presence.

Cost Effective
With little to no significant investment, as you can begin your side business and test the waters before going full-fledged into that business. As the labels are so simple by design, there is no limit to what you can order, either big or small.

Manufacturing Efficiency
A white label partner, in most cases, has an established process of manufacturing that is up to the mark. This, in turn, eliminates the hassles of cost investment in product manufacturing equipment, research, and testing.

No Inventory Management Costs
Inventory cost reduction is not the only benefit, and you can rest assured that you will never run out of product. A white label partner always adopts synchronized demand planning, production, and inventory control processes.

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

White Labels white label products white labekenya white labeling white label sales support

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - Colour Matched Labels in Kenya

Colour Matched Labels in Kenya

21 Jun, 2022 6:29 PM

At Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd, we manufacture the best COLOUR MATCHED LABELS, since we not only understand the importance of having consistent and accurate colors, but also have the tools, expertise and experience to achieve an exact color match for labels, shrink sleeves, and flexible packaging.

As colour psychologists, our colours are bespoke mixed to whatever the customer has as a target, such as a paint swatch or a lipstick bullet. This allows us to capture any subtle qualities or effects in the product, ensuring they are represented in the printed process, with deep and rich pigments safeguarding colour consistency and precise colour matching.

Colour management
All our colours are matched by eye. However, we also employ high-performance digital measuring equipment to ensure consistency down to the Delta -E throughout the production process.

Food safety
They are made with high grade FDA approved food grade materials. They also act as a barrier to moisture and dust to keep food products fresh and safe.

Unique depth and strength of colour
Along with our cutting edge print technologies, we also maintain our traditional flat-screen processing, which offers the unique ability to lay down over 12 microns of ink, providing depth and strength of colour, characteristic of many luxury products.

Special effects
We understand that not all colours are flat and special effects like pearls, glitter, gloss, satin & matt can be incorporated into our colours.

Flexible MOQ
Our process is designed to run low and high MOQ’s

Get in touch with us today to get started on your color matched labels!

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Colour Coded Labels Colour Matched Labels Spot colour labels critical color match labels Exact colour matched labels flexible packaging targeted colour label manufacturers in Kenya Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd precise colour matching

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - Peel and Read Labels in Kenya

Peel and Read Labels in Kenya

21 Jun, 2022 5:31 PM

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd is fully equipped to manufacture a comprehensive range of top quality PEEL & READ LABELS in Kenya. Peel & Read Labels are nested labels with multiple layers perfect for those labels where you have a lot to say and limited space to do it in, allowing the user to peel back the label and discover more information.

Peel and Read Product Labels should be easy to open and reseal, making them ideal for:
• Multilingual labels
• Promotions
• Special offers
• Competitions
• Additional information
• Small products

Our Peel & Read Labels offer an innovative solution to a common problem of not enough space.

Allowing endless amounts of information on one label:
A label is prime real estate. Still, space can often be limited by a product’s size or the amount of legally required information. Leading to sacrifices in the design or choices between what information you can include on your label.

Our peel & read solutions increase real estate. This allows secondary information such as ingredients listing, nutritional information, detailed user instructions, or promotional opportunity to be included without compromise.

It can suit an international audience:
The inclusion of multiple languages is a lot easier on a peel & read label, as each layer can focus on a specific language making it clear for the reader which part of the label applies to them.

Cost-effective and time-efficient:
By combining multiple artworks into one label, you can reduce inventory variants and access economy of scale, as well as improve application and line efficiency by the reduction of stoppage needed for changeover between variants.

Durable and re-closable:
Our design & constructions are robust, allowing plenty of end-user handling without detriment to the overall appearance of the pack and label.

Our portfolio offers a mix of transparent and opaque solutions that are adaptable to suit all market sectors, from cosmetic to automotive. From simple peel & read base labels to the more complex wrap & peel piggy–back construction.

A peel and reveal labels have been dominantly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for years, simply because they allow you to put a lot of compliance and technical data into a small space, but now they are crossing over into other sectors such as in packaging, textile or label printing.

In industries where products are small, but must include a lot of information, such as, increasingly, the food and drink sector, peel and reveal labels provide a simple, space-saving solution that avoids encroaching too much on the branding and marketing space.

For food label printers, a peel and reveal label provides extra pages to include nutritional information, sample recipes, allergen warnings and more. In fact, any product that comes with a lot of information can benefit from a peel and reveal label, from T-shirts and belts to toys and kettles.

Get in touch with us and our label expert will provide you with all your labeling needs.

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Peel & Read Labels peel & read manufacturers in Kenya nested labels multi-layer labels focus labels food labels labelling

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - Promotional Labels in Kenya

Promotional Labels in Kenya

21 Jun, 2022 4:22 PM

The right promotional product labels can help your products get across a strong message and distinguish your brand. Whether you’re running a targeted promotion, testing a new market, or preparing for a big event, custom labels help you drive sales and stay top of mind. We specialize in FULL COLOUR PROMOTIONAL LABELS for food and beverage products, fresh produce, glassware, paper products, soft packaging, tins, cans, healthcare products, transport and logistics, chemical identification and many more industries in Kenya.

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd understands that Promotional labels bridge the brand owner to interact and engage with the consumer, expanding the opportunity to cross-sell and or promote other products. We underscore the fact that a well designed and printed label will not only attract the consumer but will also bring value to the brand.

No matter what industry, shape or size if you have a label that needs printing, look no further. We will help with printing your labels at the best price possible in Nairobi, Kenya.

Benefits of Promotional Labels

Campaign Driven
A promotional label is designed to drive sales and online traffic around a specific event, such as a sports tournament, a music festival, or social events like Pride, Christmas or Back to school. The artworks target a specific audience to gain maximum attraction and increased engagement.

Shelf Enhancement
Promotional labels can also attract with bold personalised graphics or the uniqueness of every label design. Making the consumer want to pick up their exclusive product and take it home.

Flash Promo Labels
Promo labels can also be simple flash labels, like sale, discount, price, or years of service. Our understanding of the retailer specification on colour, size, and typeface can be the key to a quick, successful promo.

Want to improve your carbon footprint as well as stand out on the shelves?
We can make for you a fully customised and sustainable linerless label solution based on your specific needs.

We produce shaped and die cut linerless labels that make your products stand out from the rest. No liner waste and more effective transportation will bring you closer to your sustainability goals.

Our “On Demand Printing and Labeling Solutions” enables our customers to implement sales markdowns and promotions at short notice. The printing of your custom product and promotional labels are in safe hands.

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Promotional Label Manufacturers in Kenya Promo Labels in Kenya Corporate Promotional Branding Custom Labels food and beverage products labels fresh produce labels chemical identification healthcare products labeling Kenya

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - SELF ADHESIVE LABELS IN KENYA


21 Jun, 2022 2:54 PM

SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS, often also called Stickers, Adhesive Roll Labels, Roll Labels, Adhesive Labels, Self-Adhesive Labels or Bottle Labels – as the name suggests are Adhesive Labels that are supplied in roll form. This means that they can be applied either by machine or manually. Self Adhesive Labels enable simple and smooth further processing, that allows for the option of choosing the winding direction of your labels, as well as various roll core diameter.

Whether you want to use adhesive Labels or Sticky Labels for labeling bottles, jars, cans, packaging and other containers in a wide range of industries such as the food, chemical, beverage and cosmetics industries, – Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd is your contact for printing and finishing in Kenya! SELF-ADHESIVE ROLL LABELS are available in all conceivable shapes and formats

As the leading label manufacturer in Kenya, we provide various materials for our customers to select from their desired ones from all paper types and foil depending on their labeling needs.

In What Shape Do You Want Your Labels?
At Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd, there are almost no limits to your imagination when it comes to printing and finishing adhesive labels. Whether you want to print plain and single-colour labels for the front or back, four-colour printing according to the Euroscale (CMYK) or special colours including metallic tones – with us you have complete freedom of choice.

If you wish, we can also finish your adhesive labels with hot foil stamping, foil lamination or protective varnish in matt or gloss. In addition to standard shapes such as square, round or oval, you can also design your own individual shapes and creations.

To enhance the quality of your labels, we always finish your adhesive labels entirely according to your wishes and in colours of choice, including with hot foil stamping in gold, silver and many other colours, with foil lamination or with protective varnish. Adhesive roll labels with hot foil stamping are particularly high-quality due to their gloss and colour intensity. With foil lamination, the adhesive labels are provided with a special protective laminate, which can be applied with a glossy or matt finish.

Get in touch with us and find more information about finishing options for your adhesive labels. Of course, you can also contact our customer service personally. We will be happy to help you!

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Self Adhesive Labels Waterproof Labels Wrap Around Labels Label Manufacturers in Kenya Digital Print Labels Stickers Adhesive Roll Labels Roll Labels Bottle Labels Sticky Labels Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd Kenya

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd - Industrial Label Printing in Kenya

Industrial Label Printing in Kenya

06 Jun, 2021 3:33 PM

Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd is the leading INDUSTRIAL LABEL PRINTING firm that uses Label Printing Machines and Automatic Labeling Machines for Accurate Label Placement, capable of Printing 150 labels per minute in Kenya.

Our Print and Apply Labelers maximize line uptime, increase productivity, and remove the risk of mislabeling packages with the most advanced and user friendly print and apply labeling systems that are ideal for high resolution text printing, barcode printing and image printing on cases, pallets and shrink wrap. We take the expectations of our clients seriously. Our industrial label printers deliver high contrast print for exceptional bar code read rates.

Deal with Kenya's leading Labeling Experts!

Our Contacts
Mobile: 0725 374336
Tel: 020 247100/1/2/3
Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Industrial Label Printing Label Printing Machines Automatic Labeling Machines Accurate Label Placement Machines Printing machines Label printers-applicators Label printers-applicators Label screen printing machines Label marking systems Label engraving machines Label marking and engraving machines Marking machines Kenya

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Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd

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