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Weighing Scales and Software for Food and Dairy Manufacture, Agriculture and Transport Industry

We provide accurate and internationally standardized weighing solutions, equipment and software for the food, dairy, agriculture, and transport industries.

All our systems are referenced to global standards to ensure ethical weighing transactions.

To ensure all our scale systems are perfectly calibrated us:
1. All scales are provided with complete technical specifications

2. Guarantee periods on sensitivity and durability within agreed conditions of use

3. Anti manipulation on all our devices to ensure tamper free use

4. We provide on-site periodic verification to ensure the scale equipment is within the prescribed accuracy limits.

We provide a range of scale and weighing machine types:
Retail Scales, Platform Scales, Laboratory Scales, Crane Scales, Handing Scales, Weigh Bridges, as well as, Accessories, Parts, and Indicators.

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Scales and Software (K) Ltd - High Quality Laboratory Scales and Weighing Equipment Nairobi Kenya

High Quality Laboratory Scales and Weighing Equipment Nairobi Kenya

06 Sep, 2017 10:02 AM

When looking for a quality laboratory scale for the lab or field the most important factor is precision. You need precise measurements to ensure that you are complying with your internal quality control requirements, especially when weighing aggregates, foods or pharmaceutical powders.

A couple things you need to understand when buying a laboratory scale:

1. What is the required capacity:
A good rule to use here is to factor in the heaviest possible samples. Also, ensure that you accommodate for your scoops or containers although most scales will allow you to tare weight separately.

2. What weighing units:
What is the specific unit you will be measuring your items in? Most new scales will offer a range of units.

3. Minimum Readability
Make sure the readability of your scale is the smallest division you require.

4. Are you looking for a mechanical or digital scale?
Today's digital scales are robust and resistant to dust, moisture, and other environmental conditions. If accuracy is not important then a mechanical scale will work perfectly, but if you need accurate results then your best bet is a digital scale.

5. Size of Platform or Pan
It is important to consider the size of weighing containers and the fact the weighing platform must fully support the entire size of the container.

6. Calibration
Always ensure that your scale is regularly calibrated to maint accuracy over time. A number of newer model scales will come with internal calibration to ensure quality control.

7. Portability
If you need to use your scale outside of the lab, then you will need a sturdy casing for transport as well as rechargeable battery power source to maintain power throughout your field work.

If you need more information contact us, Scales and Software Kenya and find out more about our NB Series Balances, NHB Series Balances or our TB and THB Series.

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