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Dr. Nisha Sapra - All Smiles Dental Practice - Dental Veneer Services in Nairobi

12 Jun, 2018 3:02 PM

We offer professional Dental Veneer services to fix chipped teeth, improve the
colour and shape of your teeth, seal small gaps or align your teeth. We use an
adhesive substance to bond the thin shell-like dental veneer to your teeth,
leaving you with a beautiful set of teeth that brightens up your smile.

Our professional dentists will make sure your veneers perfectly match the shape
and colour of your teeth so it would be impossible to tell if you have veneers or
not. The whole experience is fast and painless, so feel free to visit our dental
clinic if you feel veneer is what you need to get your amazing smile back.

Visit us at Ralph Bunche Rd, Upper Hill Medical Centre, Suite 3A, 3rd Flr Nairobi
or call us on +254 722 513561/+254 733 513561 for inquiries.

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