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Fleet Tracking and Monitoring For Effeciency

29 Jun, 2015 1:24 PM

Do you know how much fuel is consumed by your fleet during deliveries?
With our tracking device BlueTrax Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System, you can monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles so at to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your operation.
Get in touch with Rivercross Tracking Ltd today to get your fleet back on track!

Rivercross Tracking Ltd fuel consumption BlueTrax Vehicle Tracking

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Rivercross Tracking Ltd - Real-time GPS/GPRS/Satellite Tracking Providers In Kenya

Real-time GPS/GPRS/Satellite Tracking Providers In Kenya

02 Jun, 2015 11:16 AM

Rivercross Tracking Ltd is a leading provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management integrating GPS technology through BlueTrax™ solution for accurate and real-time information for fleet monitoring and management.

Stay on track via online access or on your mobile phone- and monitor plus manage any size of vehicle-fleet operations.

Contact our sales team for more details. Dial 0727 030581.

Rivercross Tracking Ltd GPS vehicle tracking fleet management fleet monitoring and management.

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Rivercross Tracking Ltd

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