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Kirinyaga Road, Nightrose House Nairobi

Riera-Tex Ltd, based in Nairobi Kenya manufactures quality uniforms.

Our clothing supply and distribution options meet the requirements of each organization, job, and individual while providing maximum comfort, style and durability, through professional fitting guidance and selection.

Our range of manufactured products include: Quality School Uniforms, Hospitality Uniforms, Security Uniforms, Industrial Uniforms, Healthcare Uniforms, Medical Uniforms, Corporate Uniforms, Protective Uniforms, Safety Equipment and Sports Wear.

Riera-Tex Ltd affordable and convenient services include regular and bulk stock supply and manufacturing services and branding to suit all uniform requirements. This includes a variety of uniform colors plus branding options like embroidery stitching and screen-printing.

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0725 843984

Riera-Tex Ltd - Corporate Uniforms in Nairobi

Corporate Uniforms in Nairobi

12 Jun, 2018 12:26 PM

Riera-Tex Ltd, the leading manufacturers of corporate uniforms in Nairobi Kenya, specialises in the following Corporate Suits, Corporate Shirts, Corporate Trouser, Corporate Jackets, Corporate Skirts or Corporate Dresses while in Nairobi, Kenya? You are at the right place. Riera-Tex Ltd in Nairobi Kenya is one of the leading suppliers of quality corporate clothing of different colours, styles(short sleeves, long sleeves, pocket), sizes and material(cotton, moisture wicking, polyester, blend)according to your specifications.

Our corporate clothing will not only make you look professional but will also unify your corporate team.

Call Riera-tex today on 0725 843984 for your order.

Corporate Shirts Corporate Skirts Corporate Trousers Corporate Suits Corporate Clothing Nairobi Kenya

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Riera-Tex Ltd - School Uniforms in Nairobi

School Uniforms in Nairobi

09 Jun, 2018 11:13 AM

Are you looking for the supply of quality school uniforms in bulk? Riera-Tex Ltd in Nairobi Kenya, manufactures and supplies quality School Uniforms, School Shirts, School Trousers, School Shorts, School Blazers, School Sweaters, School Skirts, School Blouses, School Tunics, School Dresses and School Socks. We manufacture school uniform of different sizes, style (Short or Long), using quality material preferably cotton depending on your school preference.

You are at the right place. Contact Riera-Tex Ltd in Nairobi Kenya for the bulk supply of school uniforms.

Contact us today on 0725 843984 for your order.

School Uniforms School Shirts School Trousers School Shorts School Blazers School Sweaters School Skirts School Blouses School Tunics School Dresses School Socks Nairobi Kenya

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Riera-Tex Ltd - Protective Uniforms in Nairobi

Protective Uniforms in Nairobi

16 May, 2016 11:13 AM

Are you looking for protective uniforms, protective accessories in Nairobi, Kenya? You are in the right place. Riera-Tex Ltd based in Nairobi, Kenya supplies quality protective uniforms, accessories to use at your work place.

If you’re looking to stay safe at work then look no further than Riera-Tex Ltd range of safety overalls, coveralls, boots, safety goggles that will help keep you safe, secure and comfortable while at work.

Contact us today on 0725 843984 or visit us at Night Rose House, Ground Floor, Kirinyaga Road, City Centre, Nairobi.

Safety Boots Work Boots Safety Shoes

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Riera-Tex Ltd - Industrial Uniforms in Nairobi

Industrial Uniforms in Nairobi

29 Mar, 2016 10:32 AM

Our job is to make sure that your employees look professional with our quality industrial uniforms. At Riera-Tex Ltd, image is our business. Our industrial uniforms not only provides visual appeal, but also offer durability and added safety to your employees.

Our industrial uniforms are manufactured using quality material like cotton and they include coveralls, overalls, reflective vests, rider jackets, industrial shirts, industrial trousers and rider trousers.

Contact us today on 0725 843984 or visit us at Night Rose House, Kirinyaga Road, City Centre, Nairobi.

Industrial Uniforms Reflective Jackets Industrial Shirts Industrial Trousers Nairobi Kenya Industrial Clothing

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