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Research 8020 Ltd is a Market Research and social research firm offering full service market and social research services tailored for public, private and Non-governmental sectors in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa. We are experts in a complete range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions for both consumer and business audiences in Sub-Saharan African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia.

We are a progressive digital age marketing research company committed to applying innovative technological methods to unearth meaningful insights and strategies to propel your brand growth in the shortest time and at the most competitive price.

Our fields of specializations are:
1. Quantitative and qualitative surveys
2. Fieldwork and data collection services
3. Consumer survey panels
4. Big data analytics
5. Passive metering log file processing

Formed by a group of focused professionals with a unique winning attitude, coupled with deep understanding of the African consumer patterns, in our hands you are assured of creative and innovative research and business solutions tailored to help you find your target consumers, understand their needs and most importantly, connect them with you.

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Research 8020 Ltd - Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services in Kenya

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services in Kenya

22 Jun, 2019 6:26 PM

Research 8020 Ltd is the research and fieldwork service provider of choice for public, private and the NGO sectors in Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa. The kind of research method which is right for you will be determined by how much you know about your area of research and your respondents. More often than not people will need a combination of the two to get the most accurate data: Qualitative or Quantitative.

When to apply Quantitative Research Method
Do you seek to establish the number of people who think, act or feel in a particular way? Do you want to measure the extent to which a particular variable affects the target population? Quantitative research is conclusive in its purpose, as it tries to quantify a problem and understand how prevalent it is by looking for projectable results by utilizing a larger number of respondents and asking the same set of questions by adopting a full range of quantitative techniques, by:
• Household interviews (MAPI, CAPI)
• Telephonic interviews (CATI)
• Email & online panels
• Street intercepts
• Exit interviews
• Hall tests

To allow for better statistical analysis, we recommend that quantitative market research studies take the form of tightly structured closed-question questionnaires.

Advantage of Quantitative Research
1. Data report generated from a quantitative research process is harder to argue with, since it is numerically based unlike that from quantitative method, which is based on observation. It is easier to make predictions on quantitative research data, which is numerically verifiable.
2. Quantitative research data collected can help to predict how people will behave in the future.
3. The data can be used to look for cause and effect relationships and therefore, can be used to make predictions.
4. Higher volume sample size is usually used in Quantitative research, the result from which likely to be more dependable and insightful

Limitations and weakness of quantitative research methods
1. Involves higher target population, making it amass population method only
2. Expensive and time consuming
3. Is subjective to environmental factors
4. Quantitative research method involves close ended questionnaire hence
5. Difficulty in data analysis as Quantitative research is a lot more complex
6. Requirement of extra resources to analyse the results

When and how to use Qualitative Research Method
When it is necessary to establish an understanding of how or why things are as they are, qualitative research method is the appropriate one. Qualitative research is by definition exploratory, and it is used when we don’t know what to expect, to define the problem or develop an approach to the problem. For example, in a recent study we asked a group of mobile phone users why they choose to use a certain mobile service provider over the others (even though the others had a better offer). Qualitative Research method helps to unearth the reasons why consumers behave the way they do even though they may not be able to explain it or put it into words.

We use innovative qualitative research methods such as;
• Focus group discussions
• In-depth interviews
• Key informant interviews
• Conducting censuses of local communities
• Observation
• Ethnography
• Facilitated workshops
• Immersions

Advantages of Qualitative Research Method
1. It is more affordable than other research methods
2. The method has no fixed set of questions. The respondents are free to air their own feelings and thoughts
3. Information obtained is more accurate since a smaller sample size is required
4. It eliminates the potential for bias within the data
5. It is an open-ended process since it does not rely on closed questioning
6. It uses a fluid operational structure instead of rigid guidelines
7. It turns individual experiences into usable data
8. It focuses on the purpose of a decision instead of the details

Weakness and limitations of qualitative research methods
1. It takes a lot of time to collect the data points.
2. Qualitative research creates subjective data, where those involved my treat some points to more vital than others.
3. Qualitative research cares more about commonalities as opposed to statistical representation.
4. It requires researchers to identify unspoken data points without understanding the situation behind each action a person takes when going through this process
5. Repetitive research efforts may be required whenever complexities of the questions bring about potential disadvantages
6. It can be subjective to research influence. Qualitative research process is prone to subtle influence by the researchers to influence specific pre-determined results

Research 8020 Ltd uses state-of-the-art software to offer custom-made full range qualitative and quantitative research services that help you understand and measure change. Our in-house survey and data collection team, with multi-sector experience guarantees you a truly refreshing customised approach to research, insights and market intelligence that create actionable and compelling result to help you realize the requires return on investment.

Contact us on +254 780 208020, +254 780 208021 or visit us at14 Dik - dik Gardens, Mandera Road, Kileleshwa, Nairobi. We are at your service.

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