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Ochieng Abuodha & Associates is a multi-disciplinary civil / structural engineering consultancy, based in Nairobi. Kenya. Ochieng Abuodha & Associates specialises in the following areas of engineering; Road Designs and Surveys, Structural Designs and Surveys, Bridge Designs, Surveys and Maintenance, Water and Sewerage Designs and Surveys.

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29 Apr, 2021 10:02 AM

As a Survey and Design Consultant Engineer in Nairobi Kenya, we carry out Water Project Survey and Design Work of your proposed project. We have qualified staff and modern equipment for accurate water project design and survey data.

By providing quality solutions to engineering problems, we carry out Preliminary Study, Feasibility Study, Detailed Design, Environmental Impact Assessment and Supervision of Construction Works of the proposed Water Supply project across major towns Kenya.

At Ochieng Abuodha & Associates, we adopt a teamwork approach to solving water projects of varied nature and complexities.

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0722 742745, 020 6536951

Water Survey and Design Consultants Water Survey and Design Engineer Water Sanitation Engineering Consultant Nairobi Kenya

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Water Project Design and Survey in Nairobi, Kenya

21 May, 2020 11:26 AM

Contact Ochieng Abuodha & Associates for Survey and Design of your proposed water projects. We have qualified staff and modern equipments for accurate water project design and survey data.

Our survey and design of the proposed water project provide the following data;

• The capacity of the water source, i.e. the number of people it can serve.
• Data for designing the structures required for constructing the water project. It is equally important to install the correct size and type of pump, pipes and tanks for the water source.
• A bill of quantities (BQ) - a list of required labour and materials with their costs, for the construction of the designed structures.
• The costs of operation and maintenance, also called recurrent costs.
• Cost analysis of the expenditures versus the income from sale of water that show whether the project is financially viable.
• Technical and financial data for writing a proposal that can be presented to the donor.

Contact us today on 0722 742745, 020 6536951

Water Project Design Water Project Survey Nairobi Kenya Water Supply Survey and Design Water Network Design

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Ochieng Abuodha & Associates - Bridge Design and Survey in Kenya

Bridge Design and Survey in Kenya

25 Jul, 2018 2:11 PM

Bridges allow safe passage where previously it was not possible or much more difficult, and paying attention to bridge design and survey is very important, and Ochieng Abuodha & Associates Ltd, a registered structural and civil engineer based in Nairobi, Kenya have gotten better at designing bridges.

To come up with your bridge plan, engineers at Ochieng Abuodha & Associates Ltd will look at a number things including bridge type, foundation type, and some special conditions-for special bridges. This is done by first gathering data needed in designing the bridge, a rough sketch of the bridge design and last finalising on the bridge design.

Contact us today for the best quality bridge design on 0722 742745, 020 6536951 or visit us at New Commercial House, 1st Floor, Junction of Enterprise Road and Commercial Street, Industrial Area, Nairobi Kenya.

Bridge Design Bridge Survey Best Bridge Design Nairobi Kenya Industrial Area Bridge Construction

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