Nairobi Garments Enterprises Limited

Hardware Tools and General Building Materials Suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya
River Road/Kombo Munyiri Road Nairobi

NAIROBI GARMENTS ENTERPRISES LTD is one of the most established hardware stores, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, dealers and sellers of widest range of hardware tools, general building materials and electrical products of various manufacturers in Nairobi, Kenya. We deal in quality products and accessories through our trusted supply channel as well as direct sourcing from the various manufacturers that we sell to our customers at the most competitive prices with a guarantee.

Our range of hardware and GENERAL BUILDING and CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS are of top quality from both local and international manufacturers and brands. We operate in an ultra-modern building that guarantees ambiance and offers a memorable and pleasant shopping experience, ample secure parking and exciting customer rewards program for the shoppers.

For quality, variety, affordablilty and trusted hardware goods, get in touch with NAIROBI GARMENTS ENTERPRISES LTD; the distributors and suppliers of Ron Seal, Tran Seal, Wood Seal, Varnish Stain, Multipurpose Clear Varnish, Ace Laquer Matt, Ace Laquer Gloss, Thinner, Brushes, , Cypress, Sandpaper, Gypsum Filler, White Cement, Red Oxide, Black-Oxide, Yellow Oxide, Putty, Stucco, Rockfast Colaskote Type3 and Type5, Smoothing Compound, Conta-Glue, Ponalglue, Stronghold, Polyflex, Bitumen Tile Glue, , Pinotex Clear, Pinotex Pine, Pinotex Teak, Transparent Sheets, Formica, White, Lipping, Mahogany Pinotex Walnut, Pinotex Lignum Vitae, Pinotex Redwood, Acoustic Ceilings, Curtain Rails Brass.

Others are curtain Rails Aluminium, Sliding Rails, Cornice White, Cornice Cream, Piano Hinges, Louvre Frames and much more!! We also stock Ceramic Floor, Wall Tiles, and Granite for The Floor, Polyflex and Dunlop Tiles and their respective Glues.

We also have a wide variety of boards that include: Block Boards, Imported Blackboards, Radiator, Mahogany Veneer, Flowered Chipboards, White Chipboards, Cherry Chipboards, Ply Boards, MDF Boards and Beech Boards: Imported Soft Boards, Hardboards, Mahogany and Gypsums.

Varieties of paints are also available and include Blackboard Paints, Robialac, Road Paints, Under Coat, Crown, Cover Matt and Vesta,

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