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MIGOS OGAMBA & CO ADVOCATES is a registered law firm that enjoys a sound reputation in legal practice in Kenya. The firm offers top-notch quality legal services to both private and corporate clients. We pride ourselves in the many successful reported judgments which have gone a long way to contribute significantly to the development of Kenyan Law. We have always endeavoured to remain at the cutting edge of our specialist areas of expertise in law, by pursuing innovative resolution mechanisms.

MIGOS OGAMBA & CO ADVOCATES boasts of attorneys with wide knowledge and experience across the full range of civil, regulatory and criminal issues. This uniquely positions us to advise clients on multi-faceted and complex crises. We have worked on some of the most high profile, and challenging cases and investigations of recent years with impressive results.

We are committed to our membership in the legal profession and are passionate about making material contribution to the wider community. At the heart of our firm’s values is respect for the rule of law and the proper administration of justice. We also hold that the assertion and defense of human rights, including the right of access to justice, and challenging miscarriages of justice are cardinal principles which must be at the center to drive any well meaning legal entity’s operations.

We have over the years stood up firmly for these principles and rights by facilitating seamless access to justice for our clients.

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