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Measurement Systems Limited is Kenya’s leading suppliers of surveying and valuation equipment such as.
• Surveying Accessories & Software
• GPS Systems
• Lasers
• Total Stations
• Measurement Instruments
• Laser Scanners
• Theodolites
. Wide Format Printing Equipment

Our in-built personal integrity, knowledge and strong manufacturing and distribution relationship with our clients has helped us to provide long-lasting & dependable equipment to meet their needs.

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Survey Equipment for Hire

Survey Equipment for Hire

22 Aug, 2017 5:39 PM

Measurement Systems Ltd has the best surveying and engineering equipment
for hire in Kenya. Our pieces of equipment include Basic Theodolites and
levels to one-man total stations, digital levels and GPS systems.

We have a workshop for calibration and maintenance of our equipment, as
well as We have workshop staff trained by FOIF/Pentax at their factory, who
use the latest computer diagnostics to calibrate and maintain our instruments.
Once you hire our equipment, we provide you with unrivalled technical and
logistical support team to ensure you get the best out of our instruments. We
also have a dedicated telephone, email and on-site technical support. Visit us
at Outering Rd, Top Brass House, 2 n d Floor, Ruaraka Nairobi or call us on
+254728909641/ +254717847848 for inquiries.

Basic Theodites Didgital Levels GPS Systems

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Laser Levels in Kenya

Laser Levels in Kenya

17 May, 2017 1:41 PM

At Measurement Systems Ltd, we offer an extensive and complete range of interior and exterior Laser Levels suitable for all surveying and construction applications. We are the leading suppliers of Line Lasers, Laser Square, Rotary Lasers, Laser Meters and Laser Accessories to enhance each instrument further in Kenya.

Each of our laser levels is extremely accurate, offering increased productivity in interior situations and laser pointers by projecting lines and points to millimetres accuracy on surfaces. Whether it is general construction, pipe laying, interior walls and ceilings, our lasers are built to handle any environment.

To enhance each of the instruments effectiveness, we also supply a selection of accessories such as batteries, battery Chargers, Survey Prisms, Survey Poles, Survey Bipods, Survey Tripods, Levelling Staves, Tribrach and Carriers, Download and Power Cables, Clamps, Adaptors and Bubbles for convenience to surveyors.

Browse through our range of Laser Levels on to find the perfect product and solution you may require

Survey Equipment Laser Surveying Equipment

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Suppliers of GPS Equipment in Kenya

Suppliers of GPS Equipment in Kenya

08 Mar, 2017 11:57 AM

Global Positioning System (GPS), is a radio navigation system that allows users of land, air and sea to determine their precise location, time and velocity, 24 hours a day, irrespective of weather conditions, anywhere across the world.

These equipment are important for use in various industries such as construction, archaeology, land surveying and asset management among others, to help provide a complete geospatial positioning solutions ranging from cm accuracy network to lower spec hand held GNSS.

Measurement Systems Ltd brings to your convenience a complete range of GPS and GNSS accessories for land surveying at the lowest prices possible. Some of these accessories are GPS poles, GPS tripods, DGPS software, brackets and rover rods. Because we understand the challenges that come with choosing the right differential GPS, our dedicated and experienced staff are always at hand to help you to buy the right GIS application device suitable for your need and even to offer training and support to assist in integration of the GNSS solutions into your system.

Visit our website on and check out our range of GPS Equipment and accessories or call us on +254728909641, +254717847848 for further inquiries.

Global Positioning Systems Land Surveying Equipment GPS Navigation Systems

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Suppliers of Quality Construction and Surveying Levels

Suppliers of Quality Construction and Surveying Levels

04 Oct, 2016 4:44 PM

At Measurement Systems Ltd, we offer the most comprehensive range of automatic levels, precision levels and digital levels that suit the needs of any surveyor or construction engineer. Our Levels are precise, can be quickly set up and can top every comparison of price to performance ratio.

From land surveyors, builders, swimming pool contractors to concrete pros, and anyone wanting to work from a level reference can benefit from using these levels.

Reduce human error, take measurement quickly and enhance your levelling work with levels from Measurement Systems Ltd. As you get all your horizontal and vertical angles on your construction and surveying project accurately as well as get the right data thanks to its internal storage devices.

For all your automatic, precision and digital levels, come to Measurement Systems and quality from us.

For inquiries about these levels, call us on +254728909641 or +254717847848

Construction and Surveying Levels Surveying Levels Construction Levels

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Distributors of Total Stations in Kenya

Distributors of Total Stations in Kenya

06 Sep, 2016 12:45 PM

For all your construction or surveying measuring needs, get a PENTAX/FIOF Total Station that will help measure the slope distance of any area from Measurement Systems Ltd.

Offering a complete site solution, these Total Stations allow professionals of all technical abilities to perform accurately and have efficient measurements with minimal fuss.

These total stations are equipped with an unparalleled angle, distance and reflectorless technology. They also have a powerful suite of onboard programs, multiple sensors and accuracy settings, providing ultimate reliability both on and off site.

Our Total Stations are supplied with a software package that enables most survey tasks to be carried out easily and quickly.

For the supply of either PENTAX/FIOF Total Station, Get in touch with on +254728909641 or +25475344556323

PENTAX or FIOF Total Stations Distributors Total Station Distributors

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Dealers In Quality Theodolites In Kenya

Dealers In Quality Theodolites In Kenya

01 Aug, 2016 4:42 PM

Theodolites is a land surveying equipment used to measure both horizontal and vertical angles, as used in triangulation networks, and geo-location work. It is a tool used in the land surveying and engineering industry, but theodolites have been adapted for other specialised purposes as well, like for shop and factory floor layout of tools and fixtures.

At Measurement Systems Ltd, we supply quality and maximum flexibility theodolites such geomax, Pentax and foif. They are used to measure precise vertical and horizontal angles as they give a sure accurate and precise measurement. With user-friendly interfaces, even amateur surveyors can operate this device to minimise measurement errors in the field.

If you are a surveyor and are often assigned in areas with extreme weather, you don’t have to worry because these theodolites are also dustproof and water-resistant. You will be able to work with Measurement Systems Theodolites anywhere, anytime and whatever the circumstances.

For the supply of this theodolites call us on +254728909641

Measurement Theodolites Theodolites Quality Measurement Theodolites

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Suppliers Of Laser Accessories In Nairobi, Kenya

Suppliers Of Laser Accessories In Nairobi, Kenya

18 Jul, 2016 4:59 PM

Laser accessories are essential for operation and safety in every surveying project.

Measurement Systems Ltd is the leading supplier of surveying laser accessories and we are able to supply a full range of accompanying accessories to compliment and enhance your laser instrument.

We supply items such laser detector for green, red laser levels to improve laser visibility, aluminium tripods for line lasers, rotary adaptor for incline models, and magnetic plastic walls and much more.

Visit our website on and check out our variety Laser accessories. Alternatively, for further inquiry, you can contact us on +254728909641.

Laser accessories suppliers Laser accessories

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Suppliers Of Garmin GPS Handheld Systems in Nairobi, Kenya

Suppliers Of Garmin GPS Handheld Systems in Nairobi, Kenya

28 Jun, 2016 10:44 AM

If you’re a surveyor and need the right GPS Handheld System, then come to measurement Systems Ltd and get it from us.

We offer a variety of portable Garmin handheld GPS systems presently used by people around the World. Coming in different sizes, colours and shapes, these handheld GPS are reliable because they are not affected with extreme weather conditions.

Explore in your surveying missions by knowing your direction, longitude and latitude with the help of GPS Handheld from Measurement systems.

For Supply dial: +254728909641 or +254717847848

GPS Handheld Systems Garmin GPS Handheld Systems Suppliers

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Land Surveying Equipment Training Programs

Land Surveying Equipment Training Programs

20 Jun, 2016 3:15 PM

Buy all your surveying and valuation equipment products from Measurement Systems Ltd and get to train on how to use your equipment with our help.

Whether you’re an up coming surveyor/engineer or an existing one, we understand that high quality training in using your surveying equipment is critical and key to unlocking your full potential. That is why we offer land-surveying training in usage of equipment.

We also offer flexible courses designed to suit your company’s needs and the professional development of your staff. No matter the type of device your using in your surveying projects, we will give you the right training for that equipment.

If interested in our training programs you can always dial 0728909641 or 0202058854

Land Surveying Equipment Training Training Programs For Land Surveying

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Measurement Systems Ltd - Dealers of Surveying Books in Nairobi, Kenya

Dealers of Surveying Books in Nairobi, Kenya

06 Jun, 2016 3:45 PM

Get survey books that you need for your surveying project from Measurement Systems Ltd.

We supply books that will help you in learning the basic leveling principle, theory, recording of data and other applications used in surveying.

We sell high quality surveying field books that are completely waterproof, printed in permanent ink and sewn in rot proof thread so that it can give for a longer period of time.

For the supply of these surveying books that are ideal for working anywhere, dial: 0728909641 or visit us at Top Brass House, 2nd Floor, Ruaraka.

Surveying Books Dealers of Surveying Books

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