Mamuka Valuers (Management) Ltd

Real Estate Services Firm in Kenya
Moktar Daddah Street, Opposite Jevanjee Gardens, Ruprani House, 1st Floor Nairobi

As a real estate services firm operating in Kenya, Mamuka Valuers (Management) Ltd boasts decades of excellent and professional real estate services since 1981. We have proved to be one of the industry leaders in the provision of unrivalled high quality and customised real estate and property valuation solutions to individuals, the private sector and government agencies in Kenya.

With branches in several parts of the country, such as Nairobi, Nyahururu, Naivasha and Nakuru, Mamuka Valuers (Management) Ltd has effectively specialised in the widest range of real estate services such as real estate consultancy, property letting, property sale, residential properties management, property valuation, stocks and sale of residential commercial, commercial, Agricultural properties in Kenya and the entire East African region.

Mamuka Valuers (Management) Ltd specializes in valuation services such as owners occupy, purchase, feasibility studies, force sale or auction, mortgage, court bond, compulsory, compulsory acquisition, dispute settlement, going concern, book keeping purposes and rental assessment …among many more.

We have over many years offered professional valuation services to various industries including banks, insurance companies and private. We have the experience and capacity to meet your expectations on matters real estate.



Mamuka Valuers (Management) Ltd

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