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MACHARIA NDERITU & CO ADVOCATES is a full-service law firm in Nairobi, Kenya, which specializes in the areas of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public, CPS, Dispute Resolution, Commercial & Corporate Counsel, Real Estate & Property Counsel, Human Rights and Legislative Compliance Counsel, Intellectual Property Counsel, Debt Recovery Counsel, Criminal Counsel, Family Counsel, Employment & Labour Counsel, General Litigation Counsel; to individuals, businesses, government agencies, non-governmental Organizations (NGOs).

• Dispute Resolution
• Commercial & Corporate Law
• Real Estate & Property Law
• Human Rights and Legislative Compliance Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• Debt Recovery Counsel
• Criminal Law
• Employment & Labour Law
• Criminal Defense
• Estate Planning - Will & Probate
• Intellectual Property – Copyright & Patents
• Litigation - Civil Litigation

The firm has a long-standing reputation for providing responsive, client need centered, and personalised services, without losing quality. We are popular for being cost effective, and provide practical and innovative legal solutions. The team of attorneys at MACHARIA NDERITU & CO is highly experienced in law, and is able to provide tailored advice and solutions to each individual case.

Our culture is grounded in a set of values that support and celebrate doing the right thing. They are part of our day-to-day conversations and the heartbeat of our business. They guide our decisions and determine our success.

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MACHARIA NDERITU & CO - Commercial & Corporate Lawyers in Nairobi

Commercial & Corporate Lawyers in Nairobi

21 Jun, 2024 7:22 PM

The COMMERCIAL AND CORPORATE LAW team at Macharia Nderitu & Co Advocates provides bespoke legal services to our corporate clients to act as an extension to a wider in-house legal team throughout all economic sectors. Combining industry knowledge with exceptional legal skills, combined with extensive business insight, gives us an edge to efficiently and effectively advise the clients on highly focused corporate law matters; and in a cost effective manner, enabling them to achieve their business objectives and commercial needs.

Our team supports corporate management, boards of directors and board committees on a wide variety of corporate governance matters, including corporate responsibility, directorial duties, legal compliance and corporate due diligence.

Our corporate law team has the capacity and experience to attend to and offer expert legal advice on a wide range of commercial issues, including:
• Commercial contracts
• Lease agreements/Property sale agreements
• Partnerships and joint ventures
• Procurement arrangements
• Agreements of sale, hire and hire purchase, Lease, employment etc
• Security bonds
• Acquisitions, mergers and take-overs
• Distribution, agency and franchise
• Supply Chain arrangements
• Share registrations, transfers and general broking
• Amendment of objects of companies and submission of company returns
• Privatization and flotation’s of companies
• Sponsorship, marketing and advertising
• Data protection and information law
• Voluntary and compulsory liquidation
• Attending to change in company memorandum and article
• Contract management
• Drafting agreements and related opinion work
• Drafting company resolutions
• Formation, incorporation and registration of companies
• Agreement of sale

Your Commercial & Corporate matters are in safe pair of legal hands when with Macharia Nderitu & Co Advocates.

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Our Contacts:
Utalii House, 1st Floor, North Wing, Utalii Street, Nairobi
Mobile: 0722 803315, 0722 535634
Tel: 020 2115571
Email: [email protected]

Commercial Contracts Corporate Lawyers Partnerships and Joint Ventures Property Sale Agreements Acquisitions Mergers and Take-Overs Privatization and Flotation’s of Companies Commercial Lawyers Property Agreement of Sale Data Protection and Information Law

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21 Jun, 2024 1:42 PM

MACHARIA NDERITU & CO ADVOCATES engages in criminal defense and human rights enforcement in Kenya, as one of its core areas of resolve in law. We have a proven track-record of delivering cutting-edge legal services and representation during criminal proceedings for our client at all levels. This ranges from appearances at police station, representation at the magistrate’s court, high court, and prosecution of appeals.
We are at the forefront as human rights lawyers in Nairobi, maintaining frontline human rights representation for our clients in enforcement of fundamental rights through civil action.

The possibility of daunting outcomes of criminal prosecution resulting in instant deprivation of liberty or facing heavy fines for anyone who has been criminally charged, are real. Seeking an effective, proven with track-record legal help is of paramount importance at this juncture, so there can be possibility for better outcome. This is where our excellence and experience in matters criminal counsel meet our clients’ legal needs.
We have variously instituted fundamental rights applications in court in deserving circumstances where citizens’ constitutional and fundamental rights is being or have been violated or trampled upon. Our human rights lawyers have represented numerous clients in various human rights matters in law courts, with the main interest being to fight for justice and represent our clients within the ambit of the law.

Our Criminal Law Services:
• Instituting fundamental human rights enforcement action to compel the release of accused being unlawfully detained or harassed
• Representing accused in criminal charges
• Offering legal advisory on criminal matters
• Engaging in pro-bono to indigent accused in deserving circumstances
• Filing appeals in criminal matters
• Instituting a criminal complaints on behalf of clients and cooperating with the law enforcement agencies in criminal matters
• Filing bail applications on behalf of accused.
• Bail Applications at Police Stations
• Formal Bail Applications in all Courts
• Plea and sentence Agreements
• Formal Representations
• Criminal Litigation
• Appeal & Reviews to High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court
• Review of setting aside of admission of guilt payments
• Domestic Violence offences
• Fraud, Theft & other Commercial Offenses
• Drug Related Offences
• Assault Charges
• Driving under the influence of alcohol
• Immigration related offences

At Macharia Nderitu & Co Advocates has a skilled team of lawyers who will guide you through every step of your criminal case, ensuring that you have the best chance to avoid conviction and gain the best possible outcome. We are experienced enough with deep understanding on the issues pertaining to criminal law, thus best positioned to provide the best possible service.

Our Contacts:
Utalii House, 1st Floor, North Wing, Utalii Street, Nairobi
Mobile: 0722 803315, 0722 535634
Tel: 020 2115571
Email: [email protected]

Human Rights Lawyers in Nairobi Criminal Defense Lawyers Criminal Litigation human rights enforcement action Domestic Violence offences Lawyers Fraud & Theft Lawyers Commercial Offenses Lawyers assault charges lawyers Criminal Counsel Macharia Nderitu & Co Advocates Kenya Nairobi Criminal Attorneys

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