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12 Oct, 2016 12:46 PM

Death is traumatic. It causes emotional and sometimes financial turmoil to the bereaved. So it's important that you save your family the trouble and strife during your funeral by getting a Legacy Protection Plan from Liberty Life Assurance, which will provide financial support to take care of the funeral expenses.

This plan covers for natural and accidental losses of life as well as impairment due to an accident.

Divided into two packages
• Individual Package - That covers for the main member, who must be under 65 years of age at the time of taking the policy. The cover starts from KES 400 per month.

• Family Package – This covers the main member, one spouse and up to six children. The main member and the spouse must be under the age of 65 years at joining. Children must be under 18years. The spouse will also receive the same benefits as the main member.

It really makes sense to plan as soon as possible with Liberty Life. The more you think about your funeral, the less your loved ones will have to when the time comes.

Make sure that you or your family members have a good final send-off with a legacy insurance policy from Liberty Assurance that is affordable.

For more information about this cover, call us on +254202866000 or Visit us at Liberty House, Mamlaka Rd, Nairobi.

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