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Legend Valuers - Property Valuers in Nairobi Kenya

Property Valuers in Nairobi Kenya

13 Sep, 2017 12:53 PM

When looking for the right real estate or property valuation then our team at Legend Valuers are your perfect partner. Currently, the Nairobi property market is in a boom and a good valuation can do a number of things with a realistic and accurate valuation.

1. Build Equity
Investing in your future is key, and a valuation that showcases that your property has increased in value can allow you to leverage the increase to secure another property. Of course, we do not suggest that you buy beyond your means, but understanding your equity is always smart before making any type of investment.

2. Do not spend more than you need.
If you are thinking about making renovations on your property, a valuation is always a good idea so that you do not over capitalize.

3. Refinance...
Understanding your property value at the current rate is always advisable when on a bank loan or mortgage, knowing your current value can allow you to refinance to take advantage of lower lending rates.

To find out more about our valuations and our team of experts get in touch today.

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