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KRISHNA CHEMISTS LTD has grown to become a trusted brand in the PHARMACY WHOLESALE industry in Kenya. We act as intermediaries between the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and their customers - including hospitals, pharmacists, medical practicing institutions, and community pharmacies - by purchasing Drugs and medicines in large quantities from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and reselling these drugs and medicines in reduced quantities to our chain of customers.

The drugs and medical products we distribute and supply, of course at the best possible price, are of the best quality. Through innovative technologies, our medicinal products are safe, secure and efficient delivered every time. We purchase prescription medicines and other medical products directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers in large quantities for storage in our warehouses before they are dispatched to licensed pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare providers once orders and purchases are placed with us in the smaller quantities as required.

Keeping costs low and inventory high, in recognition of the need to ensure our customer and retailers purchase pharmaceutical products at the best possible price, gives our clients and customers more buying power. Our comprehensive range of drugs and medical products offers our client a wide variety of the best quality medical products, making us their preferred source to purchase from. We recognize that the reciprocal business relationship between pharmaceutical wholesalers like us and the independent medical organizations we serve is a great resource in an industry that grows in complexity with each passing year. We do our due diligence to ensure that our inventory is safe and that the services we provide help pharmacies better provide for their patients.

To guarantee patient safety, we guaranty that the quality of the products is kept through the whole distribution line and that the influx of counterfeited drugs is avoided. We have therefore developed innovative and sophisticated distribution logistics to meet this demand. We also do our utmost best to assure our partners that we are fully compliant with all industry laws and regulations. We follow our code of ethics and have a system in place and adopt methods to avoid the purchase and distribution of counterfeit medical products.

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Mobile: 0722 366988, 0715 946380, 0719 823818, 0720 998859
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