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Dealers of quality diesel and petrol generators for all industries
Dunga Road Nairobi

Kirloskar Kenya Ltd is the major supplier of quality Diesel and Petrol Generators across East Africa.

Started originally in Kenya, we have branched across the region into Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.

We sell, service and maintain Kirloskar Generators, which are considered one of the best generators globally.

Additionally, we also supply parts, supplies and service for Posho Mills.

And, if you're looking for specific diesel engine parts, come in today and speak with one of our diesel specialists for the best advice and service.

Looking for quality pumps, look no further, come in today and get the right pump for the right job.

At Kirloskar we aim to Enrich your life!

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Corroglass Is Here To Save The Day

16 Jun, 2015 3:07 PM

Kirloskar Kenya Ltd`s Corroglass coatings offer various benefits to the treated components, thereby reducing the liquid friction with the surface and protecting the underlying metal from corrosion and erosion, such as providing mechanical and chemical resistance and prolonging the useful life of the equipment.
The treatment is suitable for propellers, turbines, pump bodies, valves, filters, etc.
Improve the life of your equipment by protecting them against erosion and corrosion. Use Kirloskar Kenya Ltd Corroglass.

Kirloskar Kenya Ltd Corroglass corrosion erosion

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Kirloskar Kenya Ltd - Diesel- Engine Solutions

Diesel- Engine Solutions

25 May, 2015 11:26 AM

Looking for world-class quality?
Kirloskar Kenya Ltd provides you with not only world-class quality but also the best in terms of diesel engine parts.
All diesel engine solutions are just a call away.
Get in touch - dial 020 6536632

diesel diesel engine Kirloskar Kenya Ltd

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Kirloskar Kenya Ltd

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