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Dealers in Gates, Doors, Grills, Car Park Shades, Columns and Trappers in Nairobi, Kenya
Kasarini, Kiambu Road Nairobi

Kioison Engineering Works is a reputable building and construction company that specialises in all types and kinds of engineering works.

We undertake professional engineering services like construction and hiring of scaffold, construction trappers also known as steel deck panel slab as well as columns, also known as circular formwork.

Our range of products are
. Gates
. Windows
. Car Park Shades
. Grills
. Roofing Structure
. Doors
. Trappers
. Columns
. Scaffold

For the 20 years that we have been giving high quality professional engineering service, we have worked closely with civil engineers in supply of materials for construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges, physical and other man-made structures. Our products are also used in adapted form for formwork and shoring grandstand seating, concert stages, access or viewing towers, exhibition stands, ski ramps and art projects.

We have the knowhow, expertise, human resource, capital resource, experience and the professional goodwill to successfully undertake building and civil engineering construction projects of whatever size and nature in any part of the country.

Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday: 8.00am - 5.00pm
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Kioison Engineering Works - Construction Trappers for Hire in Nairobi, Kenya

Construction Trappers for Hire in Nairobi, Kenya

08 May, 2017 5:35 PM

We construct and hire out and construction wooded trappers that are suitable for multi storey constructions at more affordable fee. This takes away the headache of maintenance and need for storage yard for these accessories. It makes sense and saves cents to the project developers.

Our wooden trappers are well maintained, stable and strong enough to give results as good as block boards. These accessories have the advantage of being affordable since they are reusable.

We also have a wide range of scaffold which are used to support a work crew and materials aiding in construction, maintenance and repairs of buildings, bridges and any other man-made structures.

Scaffold are ideal for construction of adapted formwork and shoring grandstand seating, exhibition stands, concert stages, art projects and viewing towers
Take advantage of the boom in the construction industry that is ranked in position one in Kenya today, according to National Bureau of Statistics, by reducing the total cost of building a house.

Contact Kioison Engineering Works on 0722 733745 or 0791 000457, for hiring and construction of quality trappers, columns, also known as steel deck, and scaffold. You can also visit our offices at Kasarini, along Kiambu Road

Trappers Columns Circular Formwork Steel Deck Panel Slab

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Kioison Engineering Works - Metallic Grills Manufacturers in Nairobi, Kenya

Metallic Grills Manufacturers in Nairobi, Kenya

21 Apr, 2017 10:07 AM

At Kioison Metal Works, we customize metallic grills in unlimited patters, finishes and materials for any type of project - like new construction, renovation, and restoration.

We design and meet our customers grill requirements by transforming their concepts into metal artistry for their projects irrespective of texture mountings, colour and finish. We are not limited to size or design and are experts in wall grills, nyama choma griss, air conditioning grills, radiator grills, wall cladding screens, signage or decorative panels, enclosures, generator grills, ceiling grills and bathroom grills.

We are known and appreciated by many of our customers for our creativity, reliability, craftsmanship, flexibility, dependability, competitive pricing and commitment to the successful completion of our customers’ projects

Get in touch with us on 0722733745 or 0791000457 for a lasting solution to your grill needs.

Wall Grills Ceiling Grills Decorative Panels

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Kioison Engineering Works - Car Parking Shades in Nairobi, Kenya

Car Parking Shades in Nairobi, Kenya

07 Apr, 2017 12:29 PM

Kioison Metal Works are experts in the manufacturing of high quality Car Parking Structures in Nairobi. We also specialize in making Tensile Fabric Structures, Swimming Pool Structures, Lightweight Structures, Temporary Structures and Terrace Roofing Sheds.

We provide our clients with high quality structures that are known for their durability, privacy. These structures are important for protection of your cars from sun, rain and heat, thereby making them maintain colour and decor. They are also designed to maintain wind pressure and temperature.

We have well trained and experienced staff with ability to come up with awesome designs and artistry to match any imagination for metallic structures, at the most affordable prices.

Call Kioison Metal Works on 0722733745 or 0791000457 for more information

Steel Structures Roofing Sheds Car Shades Parking Shades Car Sheds

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Kioison Engineering Works - Manufacturers of Metallic Gates in Nairobi, Kenya

Manufacturers of Metallic Gates in Nairobi, Kenya

30 Mar, 2017 1:45 PM

Kioison Metal Works are specialists in the making of quality metallic gates, doors, trappers, grills, car park sheds and columns.

Our metallic products are of unique designs and quality. We use original and genuine materials to ensure longevity and beauty in making our steel products. This ensures that our clients only but get the best at the most affordable prices.

We have experienced and seasoned artists who have been in the trade for many years. This is an important aspect in deciding whom and where you buy your metallic products from. Irrespective of design, size and even colour of choice, we are at your service and guarantee satisfaction.

Contact us on 0722733745 or 0791000457

Steel Doors Gates Grills

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