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For many years, King’ang’I & Mutahi Advocates LLP have been assisting individuals, families, corporate and family-owned or closely-held businesses on their tax and certified public secretarial solutions, as well as on commissioners for Oaths & Notaries Public needs in Thika, Kiambi – Kenya. We have been a leading source of intelligent legal information and representation for many business and professionals.

Working with us will unravel to you the hidden invaluable benefits of why leveraging a tax professional with legal background to work your case. Let us focus on your tax and secretarial problems so you can focus on your business.

KRA and other Tax Agencies have teams of experts on their side, and you need an experienced professional on your side. With many years of experience representing individuals and small businesses in Thika and throughout Kiambu County, and Kenya in general - on tax matters, we know their tactics and how they operate inside and out, so we can beat them at their own game, in case of misrepresentation of figures.

Our Mission at King’ang’I & Mutahi Advocates LLP is to help good people with bad tax and secretarial problems. Whether with KRA audit or any other Tax agencies in Kenya, we fight aggressively for our clients. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than winning a hard-fought battle regarding taxation disputes and helping our clients keep more of their hard-earned money. If you have a tax and secretarial problem, then you need an experienced tax legal team on your side that understands taxation regimes and tactics, who is experienced enough to fight for you. This is what we are best in.

Our Legal Practice Areas include:
• Tax Payer defense
• Tax planning
• Certified Public Secretarial Consulting Services
• Legal Aid Services
• Business succession planning
• Business sales & acquisitions
• Partnership & shareholder disputes/dissolutions
• Eminent domain
• Business and contract lawsuits

If you owe the tax agencies money and are unable to pay, we will determine the most advantageous payment option. Whether an installment agreement, partial-pay installment agreement, bankruptcy, non-collectible status, or offer in compromise, we will determine the option that is best for you and help you negotiate the most advantageous terms.

Our Solutions:
Investigate: Immediate initiation of client protections, gather documents, complete case assessment, attorney opens line of communication, assesses your case and builds plan of action.

Compliance: Client Brought into Compliance with Best Possible Outcome and Solution Obtained for Client

Problems Fixed: Problems fixed, peace of mind and future guidance and direction provided to prevent issues from ever arising again

Why King’ang’i Mutahi & Advocates LLP should be your choice. Bigger is not better unless you want to pay more! We are the clear winner

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