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Tsavorite Tours Ltd is a tour-operating company specialised in organising tour travels for all kind of customers. Our aim is to help you travel to new destinations, lodge in the best hotels and visit various historical sites hassles free.

We also provide a wide variety of tour packages including honeymoon packages, African safaris, tour and hotel bookings and much more for our clients. We believe in being reliable, so you can call us anytime and we will always be there to pick your calls and act on your travel requests as soon as possible.

With us, you no longer need to worry about booking your air tickets, transportation to and from the airport, or booking a hotel room(s) for yourself or together with your family.

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - 3 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday Tour Package

3 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday Tour Package

09 Jan, 2017 2:54 PM

Zanzibar attracts visitors in search of glorious white sand beaches, warm turquoise sea and fantastic beach diving.

At Tsavorite Tours, we want to help every tourist to have a taste of Zanzibar with our historic 3Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday Tour Package. You will get to visit Zanzibar, typically spend your time diving, snorkelling, swimming and exploring the beaches.

Day 1 Arrival in Zanzibar

You will get to be transferred to the airport to Stone Town, which is full of serene atmosphere and immense beauty. Get to check in at the Emerson Spice Hotel as you enjoy fabulous seafood and spend the afternoon soaking up the sun and adjusting to the relaxed pace of life on the coast.

Dinner and overnight at Emerson Spice Hotel: Half board.

Day 2: Full Day Tour in Stone Town

Stone Town, a home to an intriguing old city of narrow, winding alleyways and stone coral buildings. You will get to explore in the two main islands, Unguja (normally known as Zanzibar Island) and Pemba. You will get to learn more about the history of this island as you visit its historic sites.

Dinner and overnight at Emerson Spice Hotel: Half board.

Day 3: Full Day Dolphin Tour

On Day 3, you will have an excursion at Kizimkazi home to several schools of bottle-nosed dolphins and Humpback dolphins, which can often be sighted following a short boat trip from the village. If you are lucky, you may be able to swim quite close to the dolphins, which can be a very rewarding experience.

Dinner and overnight at Kichanga Beach Lodge: Half board

On Day 4, we will transfer you back to Zanzibar International Airport in time for your onward travel.

To book for this adventurous yet exciting tour package, get in touch with us on +254733430187 or visit us at Kiambere Rd, Upper Hill Nairobi.

3Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday Zanzibar Beach Holiday Tour Package Zanzibar Tour Package

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - The Grand East Africa Safari Tour Package From Tsavorite Tours

The Grand East Africa Safari Tour Package From Tsavorite Tours

09 Dec, 2016 1:24 PM

East Africa offers a classic Out of Africa safari with its rolling grasslands in Serengeti, the rich diversity of wildlife such as the peaceful gorillas, exotic beaches, luxurious lodges and tented camps.

Book for The Grand East Africa Safari tour package with Tsavorite Tours this Christmas Holiday, and let us take you to the heart of East Africa. This tour is the optimal bush and beach experience, with adventure thrown in to keep you on your toes.

Here in the cradle of mankind, you’ll discover the treasures hidden in wild jungles at the Bwindi in Uganda, Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania.

You will get to unwind during your trip as you relax in the magical island of Zanzibar as you learn their culture, visit the stone town and get some cooking lesson. Some other adventures whilst in Zanzibar include Dolphin Sandbank picnics, Mangapwani Beach and Slave Market cultural experiences.

And of course, your lodging accommodation boasts some other activities for you to enjoy, including snorkelling, deep sea fishing or reef kayaking as you enjoy the sand and breezy beach.

Enjoy the sand, sun and safari all at once with this Grand East African Safari Tour Package from Tsavorite Tour.

For more information, get in touch with us on +254733430187 or visit us at Kiambere Rd, Upper Hill Nairobi.

The Grand East Africa Safari Tour Package East Africa Safari Tour Package

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - 12 Days Family Tour Package to Tanzania and Zanzibar

12 Days Family Tour Package to Tanzania and Zanzibar

24 Nov, 2016 9:49 AM

It is that time of the year where you get to spend quality time with your family. A 12 days tour package from Tsavorite Tours Ltd will help you and your family bond and enjoy precious moments.

This package trip is carefully crafted to show your family the fascinating and unique places of Northern Tanzania & Zanzibar. We will take care of your arrival and departure.

You will get to stay at the L’Oasis Lodge, a simple but charming lodge in the foothills of Mt. Meru. You will enjoy a drive at the lake Manyara as you see game animals such as the elephant, giraffe, impala, hippos and others. You will explore the area of rift valley escarpment with the guidance of the best tour guide.

From the lake of Manyara, the next few days are spent exploring the wildlife-rich Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater passing through the Malanja depression and Masai Villages. Not forgetting the overnight stay at the Mapito Tented Camp at Ikoma, Northern Serengeti.

The last days you will get to spend in the beach resort of your choice in Zanzibar either at Bellevue Guesthouse, Casa Del Mar Hotel, Red Monkey Lodge or Coral Rock. You will enjoy the Zanzibar sandy beaches, watersports and cultural or have outdoor activities.

To book for this exciting holiday, get in touch with us on +254733430187 or visit us at Kiambere Rd, Upper Hill Nairobi.

12 Days tour package to Tanzania and Zanzibar 12 Days Family Tour Package

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - Tailor-Made Travel Packages From Tsavorite Tours Ltd

Tailor-Made Travel Packages From Tsavorite Tours Ltd

22 Nov, 2016 12:21 PM

If you have a dream trip mapped in your head but haven’t got the foggiest idea of how to start from A to B, then a tailor-made travel from Tsavorite Tours Ltd is best for you.

For those who prefer to travel at their own pace or to explore places not included in the brochure itineraries, we have something for you. Whether you want an active adventure, Africa safari, family trip, honeymoon, festival & events, river cruise etc. Our expert tour consultants will be pleased to suggest ideas that complement your own and to organise the most appropriate programme that suits your interests, time and budget.

If it’s a group of friends, an individual or family and wants a bespoke itinerary to suit everyone or maybe you just like to do things your own way, you decide on what, where, when and how much, then Tsavorite Tours will figure out the rest.

We are here to build the experiences that changes live.

To get in touch with us for that tailor-made trip adventure, dial +254733430187 or Visit us at Kiambere, Upper Hill Nairobi.

Tailor-Made Travel Packages Tailor-Made Travel

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - Panama Family Vacation

Panama Family Vacation

05 Oct, 2016 3:20 PM

With the help of Tsavorite Tours Ltd, you can treat your family to an exciting trip to Panama and explore the beautiful tourist attraction sites.

Your kids will hear and learn the real-life stories of pirate Henry Morgan who looted and destroyed the old Panama as they recreate his swashbuckling swordsmanship among the ruins of the ransacked city. They will also stand beside the world’s most impressive engineering marvel and visit the indigenous tribes in the jungle whose way of life has remained unchanged for centuries. They will also sail to the monkey island where your captain will hand feed wild white face capuchin and howler monkeys: spot sloths, turtles and crocodiles in their natural habitat and much more.

Book for this 8 days Family trip to Panama that has an ideal mix of deserted beaches, pristine rainforest and fascinating wildlife galore. With such one of a kind Panama rainforest adventures and relaxing days at their beach resorts, your family will definitely love the vacation.

With our 24/7 support and local tour expert guidance, be sure to have a relaxing and safe trip that you and your family will never forget.

To book this package, call us on +254733430187

Panama Tour Family Adventure Panama Tour Family Adventure Package

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - Golden Triangle Discovery Tour Package

Golden Triangle Discovery Tour Package

21 Sep, 2016 5:23 PM

Book for an enriching, inspiring and unforgettable India tour package with Kensington Tours Ltd to the Golden Triangle.

Golden Triangle is one of the fascinating travel circuits of India. It lies in the northern region of India and covers three historical cities as its destinations.

Get to enjoy the perfect introduction to India’s three most popular destinations - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - as we explore the icons and discover the secrets of this fascinating region. Experience the history of massive forts, the opulence and splendour of Rajasthan's palaces, the bustle and buzz of markets and bazaars, and the traditions of a heritage homestay.

This customised trip with Kensington Tours Ltd, will provide you with a rare window into the rich centuries of Indian history and tell the stories of its most renowned leaders.

Your luxury accommodation ranges from city-center chic to boutique beauty and reflects the refinement, sophistication and attention to detail of the ancient city.

Travel through a land full of contrasts on this compact India tour, jam-packed with unforgettable highlights for 7 days only at $2050 as you get to learn and explore at the same time.

To book for this Tour package to India call us on +254733430187 or +2542052071.

Golden Triangle Discovery Golden Triangle Discovery Tour Package

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - Tour Operators in Kenya Offering The Best Tunisia Vacation Packages

Tour Operators in Kenya Offering The Best Tunisia Vacation Packages

10 Aug, 2016 12:10 PM

Located in northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Libya, discover Tunisia with the help of Kensington Tours Ltd.

Full of rich culture mixed with a long established history of conquerors such as Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks, Spaniards, and the French who all left their mark on the country.

Tunisia is well known as the perfect holiday destination with the best beach resorts

Beyond the excellent beaches and the rows of comfortable low-rise hotels, lies a country of tremendous variety. The north is a landscape of green mountains, rivers and lakes. The south is dominated by arid desert with sporadic green oases and the spectacular dunes of the Sahara’s Grand Erg Oriental.

In order to enjoy your holiday in Tunisia, you can take an organized trip to one of our tailored destination such as the holy city of Kairouan, unveil the mysteries in Malta as you explore in the megaliths, medieval dungeons and Calypso's Cave, spend the night in a luxury tented camp in the Tunisian Sahara desert or enjoy a premium beach holiday in a Mediterranean resort on Tunisia's magnificent coastline.

Book a Tunisia holiday with Kensington Tours Ltd and make the most of your time off! Leave your worries behind and relax, because with Tunisia package holidays, you can relax in style. Perfect for those on a budget; get a great deal on cheap package holidays to Tunisia with us.

To book for your holiday dial +254733430187 or visit us at Kiambere Rd, Upper Hill, Nairobi

Tunisia Tour Package Tunisia Tour Package With Kensington Tours Ltd

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - Experience the land of the Tsars

Experience the land of the Tsars

07 Jun, 2016 9:36 AM

Experience the land of the Tsars. This value tour provides an in-depth city tour of St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. No flight is included between St. Petersburg and Tallinn however; we can easily arrange this for you.

Start with an exploration of St. Petersburg and get acquainted with its main architectural and historical monuments. Ride along its main streets and prospects, and enjoy its splendid parks and gardens.

Explore Vilnius, one of the oldest cities in Europe and visit the Old Town with a mixture of different epochs and architectural styles.

Churches such as St. Francis', St. Anna's, as well as the renaissance buildings, Gates of Dawn and St. Michael's Church, are beautiful gothic structures that add elegance to the town.

The classical antiquity of The Noble Cathedrals and Tower Hall dominate the Cathedral Square.

Get to learn history with Kensington Tours Ltd.

St. Petersburg Tallinn Riga Vilnius Historical Monuments The Noble Cathedrals Tower Hall

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - Get To Visit The Historical City Of Sicily

Get To Visit The Historical City Of Sicily

30 May, 2016 5:10 PM

Uncover the mysteries of Sicily’s vibrant cities, seductive landscapes and awe-inspiring architecture on this carefully curated tour through the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Sicily has been home to every great Mediterranean civilization and this magnificent island continues to draw stylish jet-setters from across the globe. Known for its sculpted coastlines, azure waters, and proud culture, Sicily has a character all its own.

Meet your guide for a personal tour of astounding archeological sites including the Valley of the Temples and the Necropolis. Explore brooding medieval towns and learn the secrets of Sicilian cooking in a private culinary lesson.

Stroll golden beaches and take a moment to watch the sun set behind Mount Etna, painting the sky in hues of gold and pink.

Get to visit historical site of Sicily with us, visit us at Kiambere Rd, Upper Hill.

Sicily’s Vibrant Cities Seductive Landscapes Inspiring Architecture

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Tsavorite Tours Ltd - Jungles Of Borneo A Timeless Natural Paradise

Jungles Of Borneo A Timeless Natural Paradise

18 May, 2016 2:08 PM

The calls of wild monkeys echo beneath the dense rainforest canopy as you follow the Kinabatangan River, deep into the timeless virgin jungles of this remarkable natural paradise.

You’ll feel the centuries drift away as you get to know this incredible place that is virtually untouched by modern development.

The world’s largest flower – the Rafflesia – blooms along the roadsides of Kota Kinabalu where you’ll also meet the rare and beautiful butterflies of the Sabah Wildlife Butterfly Park and enjoy an up-close encounter with orphaned orangutans at the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.

Eco-friendly nature lodges and boutique jungle camps that deliver an immersive experience of this diverse rainforest paradise join modern luxury in Kota Kinabalu.

Get to interact with Mother Nature for more information visit us at Kiambere Rd, Upper Hill.

Rainforest Canopy Kinabatangan River Kota Kinabalu Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

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