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Mombasa Rd, Kay Construction Complex, Near Alpha Centre Nairobi

Iron Art Ltd is a company that Manufactures and Supplies high quality Wrought Iron Furniture, Fabricated Steel, Staircase Railings, Stained Glass Art, Fabricated Metal, Wrought Iron Products, Windows Grill, Door Grills, Staircases and Gates.

As a pioneer in wrought iron artifacts, we have excelled beyond any other in the region.

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Iron Art Ltd - Stained Glass in Nairobi, Kenya

Stained Glass in Nairobi, Kenya

05 Aug, 2019 8:32 PM

Iron Art Ltd, a company in Nairobi, Kenya offers stained glass windows, stained glass lamps, stained glass boxes and various accessories. We make custom designed stained glass for church altar, bathrooms, cabinet doors, casinos, gazebos, hotels, dining areas, kitchens, lamps, residential, restaurants, resorts, retail locations among others...

Our stained glass is probably the most intractable, and impressively versatile. You can use it to brighten up any area, whether it is designated for worship, work, or relaxation. It is bound not only by the many light-modulating factors that affect its appearance but also by comparatively cumbersome, purely structural demands.

Why Stained Glass from Iron Art Ltd?
You're probably here because you are looking for stained glass windows, so let's examine how we can help you find the stained glass window you're looking for.
• 80 times stronger than regular stained glass
• Finely detailed, fully customizable art
• Available in various levels of translucency to control light levels
• Easy to install
• Affordable

Iron Art Ltd have a long track record of successful projects and produces your stained glass products right here in Nairobi, Kenya.

Contact us on 0722 509297, 0786 601249 or 020 3752162

Stained Glass Windows Stained Glass Lamps Stained Glass Boxes Church Stained Glass Altar Stained Glass Bathroom Stained Glass Cabinet Doors Stained Glass Stained Glass for Casinos Stained Glass for Gazebos Stained Glass for Hotels Stained Glass for Dining Areas Stained Glass for Kitchens Stained Glass for Lamps Stained Glass for Residential Stained Glass for Restaurants Stained Glass for Resorts Stained Glass for Retail Locations Kenya Nairobi Mombasa Road

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Iron Art Ltd - Wrought Iron Gates in Kenya

Wrought Iron Gates in Kenya

05 Aug, 2019 3:54 PM

Contact Iron Art Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya for Wrought Iron Gates of different styles for many different applications. We design beautiful commercial property wrought iron access gates, wrought iron walkways and wrought iron garden residential gates, with an elegance and style that goes hand in hand with the security and strength that they provide.

Our wrought iron gates are finished with a durable coating as standard to ensure low maintenance. Our wrought iron gates are available for large businesses that require automated gates, and small individual homes desiring security and improvement of the external appearance of their driveways and front gardens.

Our mission is to provide customers with the finest wrought iron gates to meet their unique style.

Contact us today
Iron Art Ltd
Kay Complex, Mombasa Road
Tel: 0722 509297, 0786 601249 or 020 3752162

Wrought Iron Gates Wrought Iron Products Nairobi Kenya Mombasa Road Wrought Iron Access Gates Wrought Iron Walkways Wrought Iron Garden Residential Gates

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Iron Art Ltd - Wrought Iron Furniture in Nairobi

Wrought Iron Furniture in Nairobi

12 Sep, 2018 10:00 AM

Get quality and elegant Wrought Iron Furniture from Iron Art Ltd based in Nairobi Kenya. Our team has years of experience in curving out gorgeous design motifs from wrought iron, giving you unique furniture that bring glamour to your home, office space, restaurant etc.

Wrought Iron, renowned for its strength and stability, offers us the opportunity to make long-lasting furniture, including beds, dining chairs, coffee tables, long bar stools and lots of other furnishings.

Our furniture is durable and requires less maintenance, hence cost effective on your part.
For inquiries and quotation, contact us today on 0722 509297, 0786 601249 or 020 3752162

Wrought Iron Furniture Wrought Iron Products Wrought Iron Gates Wrought Iron Grills Nairobi Kenya

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Iron Art Ltd - Railings in Nairobi

Railings in Nairobi

31 Jul, 2018 3:07 PM

Looking for high quality wrought iron railings, handrails, metal railings, hand rails, wrought iron window guards, stainless steel balcony with glass design, a regular balcony with artful metal railings? Contact Iron Art Ltd, the wrought iron products experts in Nairobi, Kenya.

Iron Art Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality wrought iron products that are custom made for your project.

Our wrought iron balcony railings provide a stylish solution that leaves you feeling safe and secure while transforming the look and feel of your space.

Contact us today on 0722 509297, 0786 601249 or 020 3752162 for a design and a quote.

Railings Wrought Iron Railings Metal Railings Wrought Iron Window Guards Stainless Steel Balcony Handrails Nairobi Kenya Iron Art Ltd Iron Art Limited

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Iron Art Ltd

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