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Investeq Capital is a leading edge company that provides financial Solutions such as:

Personal loans - Unsecured and Secured Loans, bid bonds, advance payments guarantees, bank guarantees, invoice discounting and logbook loans to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in East Africa and continues to grow its tentacles across the regional market.

We also handle project financing fi required.

We are situated on Milimani Rd at the Ambassador Court, in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Investeq Capital - Invoice Discounting Solutions in Kenya

Invoice Discounting Solutions in Kenya

08 Sep, 2017 11:05 AM

Your business needs smooth cash flow to remain on its feet. The cash flow,
however, may be interrupted because of unpaid invoices, and that is where
we, Investeq Capital Ltd, come in.

Our Invoice Discounting advances your business up to 80% of the value of
the invoices or payment certificates straight away, rather than waiting for 30,
60 or 90 days for payment. Our Invoice Discounting solution is affordable, has
no requirement for physical collateral and is accessible within a 48-hour
turnaround time.

Since our Invoice Discounting provides you with instant access to cash tied up
to your outstanding invoices, it consequently enables your business to run
smoothly, stimulating growth.

For inquiries kindly visit us at Milimani Rd,Ambassador Court, Suite No A4 Nairobi or call us on +254 20 2730980 / +254 20 2730981.

Invoice discounting collateral Instant Cash Access

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Investeq Capital - Advance Payment Guarantee Services in Kenya

Advance Payment Guarantee Services in Kenya

06 Mar, 2017 10:50 AM

More often than not, a successful completion of a contract bidding process may come with a need for an advance payment to help facilitate the client with finances to kick start the project.

Procuring materials and supplies that are mandatory for commencement of such projects usually require funds for commissioning before the commencement of the contract. In majority of instances a guarantee that this advance payment will be utilised expeditiously in discharging the obligations of the contract may be required from the procuring entity.

Investeq Capital comes handy in bridging the gap in such situations by issuing Advance Payment Guarantees to successful bidders to access financial support from procuring entities. We help facilitate mobilization of funds before the commencement of a contract under flexible and convenient terms such as:
• Faster turnaround time
• Access of up to 50% of project funds
• No hidden charges
• Cross border/International contracts

Contact us on +254722403311, +254202730981, or visit our offices along Milimani Rd, Ambassador Court, Suite No A4, Nairobi, for more information.

Project Funds Loan Guarantors Financial Support

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Investeq Capital - Providers of Asset or Business Loans in Kenya

Providers of Asset or Business Loans in Kenya

07 Oct, 2016 4:32 PM

Successful long-term growth for most businesses is dependent upon the availability of equity capital.

At Investeq Capital Ltd, we offer loans and asset finance loans to small and medium-sized enterprises in Kenya to ensure that their businesses run efficiently and smoothly. We know that lack of equity limits the debt financing available to businesses. If these funds are not available then the business might not grow.

If you are an investor befitting for a loan from us and need to set up a new plant/industry, buy equipment or raw materials then visit us and we will give you the loan that you need.

We are here to cushion businesses with their financial needs as we help them reach the higher rate of return/return on investment (ROI) than lenders receive.

To get in touch with us call us on +254722403311

Asset or Business Loans Providers of Asset or Business Loans

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Investeq Capital - What is a Bid Bond?

What is a Bid Bond?

20 Jul, 2016 12:31 PM

A bid bond is a type of contract bond. It is issued during the tendering process to the procuring entity as a guarantee and a sign of commitment and willingness to enter into a contract with the procuring entity. It serves as a security and a prequalification measure for a contractor’s bid during a bidding process.

Should the contractor be awarded the bid, the bond is there to guarantee that the contract will be executed at the bid price and under the conditions set forth in the bid. If the contract is not executed according to the bid, a claim against the bond can be made.

At Investeq Capital, we help companies by offering a bid bond to the procuring institution through our credible partner banks.

Come to us and let's help you get a fast and reliable bid bond that will not keep you waiting after your application and giving you burdens for hefty security, but only charges a reasonable commission after you receive it.

To learn more about our bid bond, get in touch with us on +254722403311 or visit us at Ambassador Court, Suite No. A4, Milimani Rd.

Bid Bond

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Investeq Capital - The Best Finance and Consulting Training Institution In Kenya

The Best Finance and Consulting Training Institution In Kenya

14 Jul, 2016 10:14 AM

If you work in finance or you are operating a financial company, then you need to build your employees knowledge and skills in the financial area. And here at Investeq, we can help you do that.

All our courses are designed specifically for individuals or financial institutions based on their specific needs. Through a mix of lecture, discussions and a heavy focus on case studies developed from real transactions handled by financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, you can get the best out of us.

We provide a broad range of banking courses including trade finance, treasury, credit and & risk courses. If you need your financial problems to be solved, we can help you solve it by providing a professional financial training course that is perfect for you.

To book for our financial training services call on +254722403311 or visit us at Ambassador Court, Suite No A4, Milimani Road, Nairobi.

inancial and Consulting Training Services

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Investeq Capital - Benefits Of Making Reverse Factoring Payments

Benefits Of Making Reverse Factoring Payments

06 Jul, 2016 1:42 PM

Reverse factoring is when a finance company, such as a bank, interposes itself between a company and its suppliers and commits to pay the company's invoices to the suppliers at an accelerated rate in exchange for a discount. This is a lower-cost form of financing that accelerates accounts receivable receipts for suppliers.

Reverse factoring is becoming popular, particularly with large retailers who get stock from a number of smaller, trade suppliers. But it can work for all sorts of firms in a variety of circumstances.

Below are benefits of a company paying its suppliers through reverse factoring:
• The company can foster very close links with its core group of suppliers since this can be a major benefit to them in terms of accelerated cash flow.

• 100% of the invoice value is available for factoring, rather than the discounted amount that is available through a normal factoring arrangement.

• The company no longer has to deal with requests from suppliers for early payment.

For all your reverse factoring services, you can count on Investeq Capital to sort you out.

For inquiries, contact us on +254722403311 or +254202730980

Benefits of Reverse Factoring Benefits of a Company Paying Reverse Factoring

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Investeq Capital - Finance Institution Offering Loans With The Best Interests In Kenya

Finance Institution Offering Loans With The Best Interests In Kenya

30 Jun, 2016 12:03 PM

Whether you have an SME or a large organisation, Investeq Capital is here to help you improve your company’s capabilities and performance with our financial products.

From personal loan, invoice discounting, reverse factoring and project finance, we will finance your business even if it's just starting up and see to it that your business grows steadily.

We are here to empower Kenyan entrepreneurs by giving them innovative and appropriate business and financial solutions that promote stability and growth of their enterprises whilst providing an attractive value proposition for all its investors.

Come to us and let's make your business flourish.

Visit us at Millimani Rd, Ambassador Court, Suite No. A4, Nairobi.

Investeq Capital Financing Businesses

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Investeq Capital - Benefits of Unsecured Loan

Benefits of Unsecured Loan

22 Jun, 2016 5:36 PM

An unsecured loan can be a helpful option for people who want to finance a big purchase, such as a car or a home extension. This loan is known known as a personal loan.
In contrast to a secured loan, if you take out an unsecured loan the lender will have no claim on your financial assets if you don’t keep up repayments. Below are benefits of taking unsecured loan.

• You are eligible of getting this loan even if you do not own a home, vehicle or other means that you need as an asset.
• Easy to receive. You’ll get a response about approval from minutes to a few days, but it will not be a long drawn-out affair just to find out if you have been approved.
• No credit checks. Most of the time unsecured loans don’t require a credit check which means it won’t lower your score as long as you make the agreed payments.
• They are usually more widely available than any other loans

Need to get unsecured loan get in touch with Investeq Capital and we will sort you out
Dial 0722403311 or visit us at Ambassador Court, Suite No. A4

Unsecured Loan Benefits of Unsecured Loan

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Investeq Capital - Get Project Finance Loan for Business from Investeq Capital

Get Project Finance Loan for Business from Investeq Capital

16 Jun, 2016 4:17 PM

One of Investeq Capital key aims is to support the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are crucial to nurturing a private sector economy.

To do this, we provide project finances that will help businesses to finance their project and help expand their business.

Make sure that your company has enough cash flow for the success of its growth in its all its projects with the help of Investeq Capital’s.

Dial 0722403311 or 0202730981 for assistance

Project Finance Loan Project Finance Loan for Businesses

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Investeq Capital - Benefits Of Taking A Secured Loan

Benefits Of Taking A Secured Loan

09 Jun, 2016 3:26 PM

Secured loans are loans issued after giving out an asset or collateral of some sort.

Most people are sceptical of secured loans (loans that are only available to property owners) because they fear that when they are unable to repay the loan, their assets will be repossessed from them. This might be true but provided you keep up with your repayments, taking out a secured loan could be the best way to get cash loan without so much hassle.

The benefits of secured loans include:
1. Your credit rating doesn’t have to be perfect because a secured loan is backed up by your property/asset.
2. The interest rates on secured loans are often considerably lower than those offered on unsecured loans.
3. Secured loans repayment periods are longer and can last for up to more than ten years giving you ample time to pay it.

If you are looking for a financial institute that will give you a secured loan, you can always get in touch with Investeq Capital and we will sort you out.

Visit us at Ambassador Court, Suite No. A4, Milimani Rd or dial 0722403311

Secured Loan Benefits of a Secured Loan

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