Pressmatic Faucets in Kenya

18 Oct, 2021 7:12 PM

Think JAQUAR PRESSMATIC FAUCETS, the best and most modern bathroom and shower area fittings in Kenya. Interior Evolution K is the ideal destination for the widest range of Smart Bathroom Solutions such as Pressmatic Faucets, Sensor Faucets, Sensor Faucet Black Matt, Sensor Faucet Chrome, Sensor Faucet Full Gold, Sensor Faucet Gold Dust, Sensor Faucet Graphite, Sensor Faucet Stainless Steel, Sensor Urinal and Sanitizer Dispensers, among others. Pressmatic Faucets offer a distinctive look and feel to your bathroom and washing spaces and provide a great experience with their high-quality performance.

Pressmatic Faucets are automatic press and stop flow bath systems that come with advantages and conveniences such as; significant water savings, contributing to water conservation for sustainability, more energy-efficient, hygienic, cleaner, more efficient, and user friendly even in public washrooms since the duration of water automated water flow is adjustable.

We also dealers in an extensive range of Flooring Tiles, Carpeting Products, Ironmongery, Automatic Door Systems, Blinds and Renovations; for we are a complete d├ęcor solutions provider who understand the evolving needs of customers and the dynamic trends in the market.

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